Setting Historical Records Is Much Easier If You Ignore History

ScreenHunter_16 Jun. 19 20.56

the unofficial 98° measured at Bentalit Lodge on Monday, June 17, ties the record for the hottest reliably measured temperature in state history

Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog : Baked Alaska: 98° Reading Ties All-Time State Heat Record | Weather Underground

ScreenHunter_17 Jun. 19 20.57 

Twitter / billmckibben: Alaska hits highest all-time …

ScreenHunter_36 Jun. 19 00.46

28 Jul 1934 – STOCK KILLED BY THOUSAND American Measures in Dr…

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8 Responses to Setting Historical Records Is Much Easier If You Ignore History

  1. Those records from the 1930’s Steve aren’t reliable because peoples brains were smaller back then.

  2. Bob Koss says:


    The official high temperature record recognized by NCDC for Alaska is 100°F June 27, 1915 at FORT YUKON.

    Here is a link to records for each state.

  3. Andy DC says:

    The alarmists are the true deniers. They deny that weather was hotter 100 years ago.

  4. The “unofficial” starting temperature of the ice cube in my Pimms No.1 cup, is at -20 degrees, which ties the record for the last three ice cubes, that I had in my last three tipples of the beverage, although this isn’t the absolute record. My grandfather once reported a temperature of -22 degrees in a brief flirtation with a Pimms No.2 cup. Sadly the No.2 cup (Scotch Whiskey Based) is no longer available, at least officially.
    [temperatures quoted are in degrees Celsius]

  5. anonjedi2 says:

    Steve … what I don’t understand is why he hasn’t blocked you? I was blocked after one comment on his page a few months ago. Now, anything I comment is immediately deleted.

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