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California Permanent Drought Update

Northern California is expecting very heavy rain on Monday. Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie Must be global climate disruption, because it never rains in California in the summer.

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Returning To When CO2 Was Safe

In July 1976 (during the global cooling scare) the Big Thompson Canyon west of Loveland, Colorado received its entire average annual rainfall in four hours, causing a massive flash flood which killed at least 144 people. Nine people were never … Continue reading

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Could Carbon Taxes Have Saved This Egyptian City?

It is a city shrouded in myth, swallowed by the Mediterranean Sea and buried in sand and mud for more than 1,200 years. But now archeologists are unearthing the mysteries of Heracleion, uncovering amazingly well-preserved artifacts that tell the story … Continue reading

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Driving A Prius Can Prevent A Worldwide Epidemic Of Asthma

During the 2008 presidential campaign, it was believed that Obama would seek to reduce CO2, a leading greenhouse gas that has been linked to asthma and other respiratory illnesses, either through a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade program. Illinois gets … Continue reading

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Obama Finally Takes The Pledge

Obama didn’t want to take the pledge in 2008 But he has changed his mind With liberty or justice for none h/t to Sundance

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Shock News : Glaciers Have Been Melting Since Before The US Existed

Quick. Someone call up Obama and tell him that glacial melt is not controlled by the US government. 1939 In Alaska glaciers had been retreating from  100 to 200 years, the average rate of recession being about 50 feet a … Continue reading

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The Great Prophet Warns That America’s Sin Will Cause Floods, Famine and Pestilence

Obama in Berlin vows U.S. ‘will do more…before it is too late’ to battle global warming: Warns of ‘more severe storms, more famine & floods, new waves of refugees, coastlines that vanish, oceans that rise’ Climate Depot Primitive people have … Continue reading

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