44% Of Americans Approve Of Orwellian Dictatorship

Obama Approval Index History – Rasmussen Reports™

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4 Responses to 44% Of Americans Approve Of Orwellian Dictatorship

  1. gofer says:

    These are the same people who will make remarks about events that haven’t happened as proven by Jimmy Kimmel’s street interviews. They don’t know what Benghazi is and haven’t heard about the IRS scandal or anything else, but they approve of Obama, cuz, well they don’t really know. As one black lady said, “I don’t know what Benghazi is, I only voted for Obama because he’s black.”

    Speaking of Orwellian, MoveON.org is demanding, with a petition, that Google come clean on how much money they have given to Competitive Enterprise Institute and to promise they will never fund “denial groups” again. Any doubt they are just about as un-American as one can get and the term “slime” is too good to describe sludge that tries to squash all opposing viewpoints. They are dangerous and any doubt what they would do if they had power. IF Google caves, I will spend the rest of my days trying to get people to switch to Bing and drop G-mail because they are nothing but anti-freedom slugs. I hope to live long enough to see these people pummeled politically. Gavin Schmidt is another one who is trying to find ways to communicate with 8-12 year olds about how bad things are going to be if they don’t bug the hell out of their parents about destroying the environment. What low-lifes! Using children in their evil schemes is beyond immoral. Even if all were true, why would we want to scare the bejebbies out of the little ones. They are cruel beyond comparison.

    I imagine the “team” is watching each other with concern over who may revolt from the “cause” and come clean. It would only take one of the central figures since it’s only a handful running this whole scam. I wager one of them is going to feel like saving his dignity before it’s over or they together craft some BS story to back out of the corner they have painted themselves into.

    • I don’t expect anyone to come clean before actual street war breaks out (I haven’t seen any indication that any of them have the sense, or humility, God gave a goose or a newborn kitten). We are, after all, talking about the insane corruption of all of our institutions to this scientific delusion and political tyranny, and even Anthony Watts and Lordamighty Monckton believe militantly in the “greenhouse effect”. When they all get indicted, and the rioting starts among those who never liked science in the first place, and they can feel the noose tightening around their necks, then their bluster will turn to blubbering. It won’t happen while they are all still being paid well to do what they are doing.

  2. gator69 says:

    He lost 3% of his base?! 😉

  3. Brittius says:

    44% are the weak minded, baby pablem fed.

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