Dramatic Fossil Fuel Powered Climate Change On Venus

There’s something strange happening on Venus. Which would be worrying, but given that the surface of the second planet from our sun is a boiling hot mass of carbon dioxide, sulphuric acid clouds and vaporised oceans, there’s always something strange happening on Venus.

On the other hand, this time around it’s even stranger than normal.

According to the Space Research Institute in Moscow, the average cloud-top wind speed on the planet has risen from 186mph in 2006 to 249mph in 2012.

That’s a rise of more than 33% – and scientists aren’t sure why it’s happening.

Inexplicably High Speed Winds On Venus Baffle Astronomers 

97% of experts say that climate change is primarily due to man’s activities. The increase in extreme weather on Venus is related to the recent unprecedented loss of polar ice on the planet.

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7 Responses to Dramatic Fossil Fuel Powered Climate Change On Venus

  1. Mike says:

    Maybe there has been an influx of male climate refugees from other planets looking for their ideal woman.

  2. Andy DC says:

    It probably means the Venusians are going to attack earth, since their SUV’s have made their planet ininhabitable. We are doomed!!

  3. Extremely dry ice, on Venus…HSSS-PHFFT! Maybe we should be talking about Venusian polar lead, instead (melting point, 327°C)

  4. Sundance says:

    Can we send Henry Waxman or Ed Markey to Venus to implement a carbon tax on Venus to lower atmospheric wind speed?

  5. miked1947 says:

    Send Skeeter! He will fix it! Send Juliar to help!

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