Rachel Maddow Explains FBI Transparency

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12 Responses to Rachel Maddow Explains FBI Transparency

  1. papiertigre says:

    Sort of like agent Smith, or the grand theft auto game. Shortly after the FBI arrive, you get killed.

    • papiertigre says:

      You can run, but it won’t make a difference. They got a helicopter. People coming after you from every which way.
      But if you make it to the paintshop…

  2. gator69 says:

    I am alive today because I learned years ago that you do not flinch in front of law enforcement officials who eye you as ‘dangerous’. I knew a man who was shot and killed by a cop, simply for reaching for his wallet.

    No sympathy for the dead friend of a terrorist, who acted stupidly.

    • michael says:

      How do we know how he acted? Other than answering the door?

      • gator69 says:

        For starters, he hung out with terrorists. God you are dumb. 😆

        • michael says:

          It sounds to me more like he was a boxer, hanging out with another boxer.

          You would appear to be in favor of police entities in this country having the latitude to decide on the spot who should live and who should die. Is this really your final answer? A guy knew a guy who went on to become a terrorist? So let’s shoot him, just to make sure he’s not a threat?

        • gator69 says:

          “It sounds to me more like he was a boxer, hanging out with another boxer.”

          That’s because you are extremely gullible.

          How many terrorists do you have in your circle of acquaintances?

          Do you think it is a good idea to lunge at an armed FBI agent who thinks you may be a terrorist?

          Go ahead and blame the guy on the front lines, risking his life daily, and not the hothead friend of s terrorist. That makes perfect sense.

        • methylamine says:

          Go ahead and blame the guy on the front lines, risking his life daily, and not the hothead friend of s terrorist. That makes perfect sense.
          Snookems, I am a Libertarian…
          Some new species of libertarian, then, that reflexively sides with the State’s armed thugs? That particular breed of Beltwaytarian?
          We’ll never know, of course, if he “lunged”…or had a knife…or perhaps used unkind words.

          Because what we have is a dead boxer friend of a CIA patsy, and the word of State goons.

          The word of a State, moreover, populated by known liars.

          And I’M the crazy one for not trusting the word of known liars?

          re: staring down the barrel of a gun of a “well trained officer”–they do like to say they’re well-trained. Strangely though they miss 86% of the time. I’m always amused at the range when watching cops practice. And yes, I’ve had that singularly unpleasant experience; its effect was to make me LESS likely to trust them in the future, and realize just how little it takes to send them into a roid-rage of frothing infantile fury.
          Author-itay–respect it!

        • gator69 says:

          Finds your meds methylamine, you are a raving lunatic so far today.

          Go ahead and side with Islamic terrorists, and I’ll have a ham sandwich and beer with my FBI buddies. 😉

      • gator69 says:

        How many of your friends are terrorists Michael. Do you really think shooting this guy benefited the FBI? You are a total moron who enjoys being contrary, grow up.

    • methylamine says:

      That’s a Good Boy, Gator! You’ve learned your lesson well; grovel before your masters, lick the boot that kicks you and you’ll be SAFE. Huddle in fetal position; doff your cap as you step into the ditch before the bullet to the back of the head.

      A polite, well-mannered little German you are. How proud you must be!

      Incidentally, I heard there was once a concept in Amerika called “due process”…and strangely, that there was a time when armed, trained FBI agents didn’t fear an unarmed twenty-something they outnumbered three-to-one.

      But I’m sure he deserved two bullets in the head.

      I’m also sure the two FBI agents who were investigating the Boston bombing and died in a training accident…died purely coincidentally. After all, Tsarnaev (the surviving one that is) confessed! From the hospital! With his larynx cut!

      My god you’re gullible. Your smug self-assurance and statist smarm just ooze out of the keyboard.

      • gator69 says:

        Boy somebody is a hate filled boob this morning. 😆

        Snookems, I am a Libertarian, and alive because I am also a pragmatist and know which battles to pick.

        Hope you never have to face down the barrel of a well armed and trained law enforcement official, because it sounds like you would act as stupidly as that terrorist buddy.

        Get real and find your meds quickly!

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