Obama To Punish China By Sending More American Jobs There

Obama is very upset that China didn’t send Snowden back to the US, so Obama plans to punish China by raising US electricity rates and thus sending more US jobs to Asia.

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13 Responses to Obama To Punish China By Sending More American Jobs There

  1. michael says:

    Steven, don’t you think you should publish some sort of a link when you say things like this? When you don’t, some of us don’t instinctively understand what you mean.

    How is the President able to raise the rates electric utilities charge their customers? Please spell this out for me.

  2. Eric Barnes says:

    And letting China buy the federal government more toys.

  3. Many people are well aware of how federal power can be (and is) projected down from the federal level to state and local levels. Some of these people sometimes pretend not to be aware, for various reasons that they may choose to keep to themselves. To respond to such a lie by assuming it is an honest statment of the person’s beliefs can sometimes be counterproductive. (To respond by assuming it is a lie can also sometimes be counterproductive.)


    • michael says:

      RTF, please take us through the steps by which the President is able to decree that electricity rates shall rise. He has zippo to do with it.

      We’re fighting the fight in my state right now. No one on either side is using AGW as an excuse to raise, or not to raise, rates. Instead the argument is mostly over the cost basis of accounting. The utilities say they have to raise rates to preserve profitability. The consumers point out that profits are already at record highs.

      That’s pretty much the entire argument. Not a word about Cap & Trade, a dead issue in this country.

      • I was not addressing you. Leave me alone! Do not address me directly. As this is now your third warning from me, you are now clearly committing the crime of cyberstalking. Leave me alone.

        • michael says:

          Sorry, I’d completely forgotten how important you are.

        • terrence says:

          RTF – try to forgive michael – he is NOT very bright (as anyone who reads the crap he dumps here will know) and he is NOT at ALL important; and he is not responsible what he drools on and on and on about…

        • Richard T. Fowler says:

          Terrence, Michael has already clearly established, on another thread, malice toward me which means an intent to cause tangible harm, as well as reckless disregard for facts regarding me. This is not really about me; I have a family, as do many of the people here who have been the subject of Michael’s attacks. Otherwise, it really would not be as important. Beyond that, I have a slightly different view of the issues you raised but I really can’t comment much more about it. I just hope that the man (I’m assuming he is fully grown) can understand that this becomes more serious with every infraction of the law, and act accordingly. If you, Terrence, think it is not that serious, then all I can say is I hope he gains enough control that we never have to see how serious it would have otherwise become.


      • There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

        @ Michael:
        All public electric utilities are controlled by the various state governments as a public monopoly. What do you people think the State Public Utility Commissioners you vote for do? State law sets the profit rate that a utility monopoly is allowed to earn. The only thing that the State Public Service Commission do is look at the books to prevent the Public (private) Utility executives from claiming their country club initiation fees or dog walking expenses as a business expense related to generating electricity.

        By using the EPA to hound and harass the power companies like Obama used the IRS to hound and harass his political opponents he is unnecessarily raising business costs on your local electric utility. By Obama raising your electric utility’s cost Obama is raising your electric bill because every public utility is a public controlled monopoly and as such is entitled under state law to a return of X percent on their investment. Your state Utility Commissioners are powerless to stop this. I can guarantee you that as a percent of their investment your utility company is not making record profits. Your utility company doesn’t need or want the political head aches that raising your electric rates brings. If you still doubt me I have some nice beach front property in Kansas that I will sell you for cheap.

        WTF Michael, get ready for your electric bill to “Necessarily skyrocket” just like Obama promised you that it would.

      • Justa Joe says:

        Perhaps you’re not aware of the fact that Hussein has announced his attention to crack down on electric utilities on the basis of “climate change.” This means additional costs of doing business for electricity producers. Guess who ultimately pays that. It’s the people that pay their monthly electricity bills.

        If your electricity bill is anything like mine you’ll notice that you’re already paying surcharges or fees for federal & state “renewable” energy mandates, and those are just the ones that are listed.

  4. miked1947 says:

    The EPA has already raised power rates as a means to “clean the air”, by increasing already strict clean air standards. Now they have more power because CO2 is considered a pollutant. The goal of the ECO Terrorists has been to shut down all coal powered generation plants in the US and send all major industry out of the country through more regulations.
    Regulations = greater costs for the end user.

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