Washington Snowden Strategy Explained

  • Stake US credibility on having China return him
  • Make sure he knows that he won’t receive a fair trial back in the US
  • Declare him to be an enemy of the US, while he is in Russia and still in possession of huge amounts of potentially harmful information to US interests.
  • Behave in ways which confirm everything Snowden is complaining about, in order to ramp up world-wide sympathy for him.

Our leaders are true strategic geniuses.

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11 Responses to Washington Snowden Strategy Explained

  1. tckev says:

    Also ensure that all internal dissident understand that Big Government is watching you.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    The Chinese walls in the White House seem to be working well.
    They cannot see their own hypocrisy.

  3. …And in both major parties (!)

  4. crosspatch says:

    Obama’s probably smiling ear to ear. Think about it: He has so far manage to bankrupt the US government, now he has managed to basically reveal our technical intelligence secrets. Next he plans to take away all our nukes and take away all of our power plants. So, we are blind, out of money, can’t defend ourselves, and couldn’t build conventional weapons if we wanted to. We don’t have the factories, if we did we don’t have the energy to make the steel, and if we did, we don’t have the mines anymore to produce the coal to fire the steel mills and power plants.

    If you ever wanted to write a book about Russia taking over the United States, you might want to start with a woman who is an ardent socialist meeting a guy from Africa in a Russian language class in the 1960s …

    • michael says:

      His mom a socialist? Let’s see, she was career USIA (a CIA sponsored info agency) and she met a guy who was on the Tom Mboya team in Kenya. (He was the American candidate there.) And a few years later she married an officer in the Indonesian military.

      If she was a socialist she had to have been operating under very deep cover. She looks like she was wrapped in the flag of the US of A. 🙂

      • daveburton says:

        Michael, are you joking? Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham was a rebellious 17yo college freshman at the University of Hawaii when she got pregnant by Barack Obama, Sr., who had a pregnant wife back in Africa. A few months later they married, although he was still married to another woman. The future President was born 6 months later.

        By all accounts Ms. Dunham was a lifelong progressive or socialist. In one of his books, Obama called her “a lonely witness for secular humanism, a soldier for New Deal, Peace Corps, position-paper liberalism.” That appears to have been an understatement. Other sources say she was a neo-Marxist “critical theory” follower.

        I suggest that you watch D’Souza’s movie, 2016. It will open your eyes.

  5. kirkmyers says:

    The irony is that Russia and China economies are more free and unregulated than the economy of the U.S. We are rapidly declining into a fascist command-and-control economic system.

    Snowden is a hero for exposing the widespread surveillance being conducted illegally by the NSA against U.S. citizens in violation of the Fourth Amendment. He deserves to receive the Medal of Freedom.

    Neither congress, the president nor the U.S. Supreme court has the authority to unilaterally nullify the Bill of Rights. Every senator and congressman who voted to grant the NSA extra-constitutional snooping powers is guilty of violating his oath to defend the constitution. They should all be indicted and tried for high crimes and sentenced to 20 years hard labor.

    • daveburton says:

      Despite the burdensome taxes and regulations which hobble American industries, the Russian & Chinese economies (with the possible exception of Hong Kong) are still nowhere near as free as the U.S. economy. Not even close.

  6. crosspatch says:

    Snowden is a hero for exposing the widespread surveillance being conducted illegally by the NSA against U.S. citizens in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

    Actually, that is not true. Why do people keep repeating that. If anything he has shown that there is NO “widespread” surveillance by NSA on US Citizens. All we have so far is FBI requesting phone records turned over to NSA. We don’t have ANY evidence at all of NSA spying on Americans without proper constitutional oversight.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Rather ironic that people who are so keen on evidence when it comes to climate change suddenly completely change their priorities when something comes along that would validate their desired world view. Then any need for actual evidence goes right out the window and they come up with plausible scenarios and demand proof they AREN’T true, which is the same tactic used by the Warmanistas.

  8. daveburton says:

    Apparently, the federal government is collecting phone records (dates & times, phone numbers, call durations, etc., but not the actual voice recordings) of most telephone conversations within, from, or to United States numbers. They’re also apparently collecting a great deal of information from text messages, email conversations, and social media.

    That does seem to me to fit the definition of “widespread surveillance on U.S. citizens,” and I don’t see how the 4th Amendment could, by any reasonable stretch of the imagination, be interpreted to permit it.

    One of the stories I read indicated that there were originally some privacy safeguards in place, such as encoding or encryption of phone numbers, which would not be decoded w/o a court order, but that in recent years those privacy safeguards have been disabled.

    Plus, under ObamaCare, the federal government is constructing a database system intended to contain the continuously updated medical records of all U.S. citizens and resident aliens.

    Do you think the feds be trusted with all that information?

    That would be a joke, if it weren’t so un-funny. If you aren’t sure of the answer, then consider, for a recent example, the NOM case. We know that someone in the Obama Administration illegally turned over the IRS’s file on the National Organization for Marriage (a leading traditional-marriage advocacy group) to the Human RIghts Campaign (a leading gay-marriage advocacy group). But the chance of anyone being held responsible for that crime are somewhere between slim and none, with Obama and Holder in charge of Justice.

    The Bircher nuts already think there’s a secret Conspiracy running the world. The Obama Administration seems to be working furiously to put the pieces in place to make the Birchers’ paranoid delusions plausible.

    Spend a minute or two thinking about what someone could do with the medical, financial, and phone records of all of America’s politicians and captains of industry. Imagine conversations like this:

    “Congressman, a little bird whispered in my ear, and told me some things about you that neither of us would want to get out — about your Prozac, and your wife’s STD treatment, and your daughter’s abortion, and your son’s tax problems. Little birdie also whispered to me about a lot of late night calls and texts between you and a certain young blonde waitress. Now, of course I would never stoop to blackmail, but if you could help us out with our bill, that would help to encourage me to do my very best to convince the ‘little bird’ to keep its little beak shut about such things. Kapish?”

    It ought to scare you to death.

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