White House Teleprompter Smokes Too Much Choom – Gets Confused

Tuesday, June 25

The overwhelming consensus of people who make their living off spreading climate alarmism tell me that I can take people’s attention off my scandals by blaming every weather event on Republicans.

They also say that I need to bypass Congress and raise electricity prices so that their fraudulent research funding can continue, and so that I can invest in some more green energy scams  pay back some of my 2012 campaign contributors.

I read somewhere that climate change is happening at unprecedented rates, so it is time that I unilaterally punish American citizens – because China, Russia and India refuse to punish their own people. Someone has to be punished for the weather.

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1 Response to White House Teleprompter Smokes Too Much Choom – Gets Confused

  1. omanuel says:

    I am traveling and asking opinions of those I meet.

    So far the following random encounters have agreed that we are living under conditions George Orwell described in the futuristic novel, “1984.”

    1. An elderly minister who served in Vietnam and now has sons serving in Afganastan.

    2. A teenage man serving hamburgers at McDonald’s

    3. A middle aged woman who works as a motel clerk.

    Nobody doubted the seriousness of our situation. They were all animated in expressing their concerns about the demise of our country.

    Conclusion: Society is very unstable and could erupt at any time.

    With deep regrets,
    Oliver K. Manuel

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