Andy Revkin Goes To Bat Against White House Censorship

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(1) Andy Revkin (Revkin) on Twitter


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10 Responses to Andy Revkin Goes To Bat Against White House Censorship

  1. S.E.Bailey says:

    I was stupefied… literally stupefied.. when I read about this. I would tweet here…. stating what happened… He usually jumps on these things

  2. Stephen Richards says:

    An idiot must surround himself with intelligence if he is to survive but sadly an idiot doesn’t have the intelligence so to do.

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    Obama thinks that because he was born in Africa he can behave like an African.

    • Mike says:

      I have no idea what this means… a South African? Tunisian? Egyptian? Don’t be as ridiculous as those you wish to impugn. Ignorance knows no specific continent, let alone any race, which is what I believe you’re implying. The only credit you might receive from me is if you’re a Progressive Liberal typing disgusting things on sites you disagree with in order to make it appear such thought is harbored by those seeking truth.
      But I don’t think you’re that clever.

  4. Richard T. Fowler says:

    Steven, I expect that in some people’s view, the “obscenity” was the name at the top of the tweet. You are in for a rough ride, my friend. Hang on.


  5. Norman says:

    Unfortunately this blog has always the best data and graphs, and fraudalent changes to data and graphs + previous articles from 1930 etc… to completely debunk current AGW .It is really is hitting a raw nerve. SG dont be put off you have all our support

  6. Awesome. Could facts get 2 minutes of exposure? We’ll see.

  7. DarrylB says:

    IMO the best thing about this is that Andy Revkin, a well known NY Times writer is at least beginning to give a balanced look at things. A disgusting perception of immunity from reality has lead much of Washington, (as it has many times before) to ever greater acts of deception. For whatever reason, perhaps political correctness, the MSM has been unwilling to give an objective look at so many things.
    In my personal small niche, I have found that some walls in the ivory towers have become quite blemished.
    Without oversight; checks and balances, I do believe human nature will cause corruption
    regardless of initial good intent, as in power corrupts—— exemplified in science by the EPA, National Academy of Sciences et al. (There are examples at the ready)
    President Eisenhower surely had very accurate foresight.

  8. KevinK says:

    “President Eisenhower surely had very accurate foresight.”

    Yes indeed, he sponsored the “corona” spy satellite system even when it failed and failed and failed yet again (it took 12 failed launches before they got pictures of the non-exsistant russian missles). He pushed back against the military folks that wanted us to have thousands of bombers and missles to counter the Soviet “threat”. Turns out the “threat” was miniscule; but Ike could not admit that in public.

    JFK pushed the “missile gap” to scare the populace, just like “climate weirdness” works today.

    Sound familar ? We need thousands and thousands of windmills to counter the “threat” of climate change.

    We could sure use a man like IKE today.

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