Record Cold Arctic Temperatures Drop Below Freezing Again

ScreenHunter_298 Jun. 24 16.36

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

It looks to me like this is the latest below freezing mean temperature ever recorded in June. They have had 24 hours of sunshine for several weeks now.

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15 Responses to Record Cold Arctic Temperatures Drop Below Freezing Again

  1. tckev says:

    The soot is trapping all the heat and forcing the temperature down.

    Now I’ve postulated a hypothesis that takes care of that little problem am I a ‘climate scientist’?

  2. Steve Steve Steve, you just don’t get it. Global Warming is insidious and dangerous BECAUSE it keeps outsmarting 97% of the world’s greatest scientists, by continually doing the opposite of what they expected.

    • I hope a politician uses that one!

    • It is I only says:

      It’s “climate change” When it’s hot! It’s climate change when it’s cold, it’s climate change!
      Trust me! I am a “respected” scientist with a NOBEL PRIZE in CLIMATE CHANGE!
      Would I lie to you?
      You the great unwashed should trust us “respected” scientists, who know what’s good for you!
      e.g. CARBON TAX to prevent CLIMATE CHANGE!

  3. 24 hour sunlight + positive feedback = anti-heat. It is truly spooky stuff. Sucks heat out of the air and transports it directly to the bottom of the ocean where it is utterly undetectable. Don’t be fooled by the thermometers, Steve. It’s old technology. We have models now, so there really isn’t much use for instruments anymore.

    But it’s a neat thought, just the same. Kind of nostalgic.

  4. tony says:

    al gore must have opened a can of cooling whoop a$$…quick someone give him a million dollars

  5. Ponce says:

    We are going to have a veryyyyyyyyyyy cold winter…..lucky for me I am ready.


  6. shocko says:

    I doesn’t matter what happens like others have said it’s called “Climate Change” now and it’s all the fault of us humans. I’m sure there’s some complicated taxpayer funded study that proves it, and the idea that it could be something simple and out of our control like cycles or the sun is ludicrous. The hole thing makes me laugh and then cry.

  7. Hugh K says:

    Not to worry alarmists, your tax-payer funded subsidies are safe. Nothing a little data massage and the greatest bullsh….er….orator of our time can’t cure.

  8. Eric Webb (weather advance) says:

    I guess Al Gore was right, man-bear-pig is real, lol.

  9. Warmists must be praying for a really big volcanic eruption that they can blame for the continuing cooling.

  10. norilsk says:

    It’s amazing what 400ppm CO2 will do!

  11. rob ellis says:

    north and south pole both in the dark for 6 months each at a time…… appreciable sun to warm it …….that’s a whole lotta cold……carbon dioxide doesn’t drive anything up or down..most of greenhouse gas is water vapor……..human’s impact on totality of CO2 is a very low percentage….about as much as the foam on a good beer..and that’s what the alarmists truly need….a good beer

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