Obama Can’t Control The IRS Or The DOJ, But He Can Control Global Sea Level

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6 Responses to Obama Can’t Control The IRS Or The DOJ, But He Can Control Global Sea Level

  1. jeffk says:

    I could only stand to watch a couple minutes if that speech.
    God what a liar. Food prices are up because of climate change?? Never mind the fact food production increased over the decades largely thanks to Monsanto and CO2 help. But prices increased due to Washington’s social engineering policy-fed public debt and falling value of the Dollar. Nevermind the ethanol mandate driving up corn prices. Nevermind the 2012 weather incidents were one-shot deals and 2013 is better. Nevermind sea levels rise every century, not just the last one. Nevermind, nevermind…

  2. Chewer says:

    Barak and his blind followers need psychiatric help.

  3. Joe Fitzgerald says:

    The Chief Community Organizer (unfortunately he is the Pres. of the US) has just given another of his same old false rants on “global warming” which he now calls “climate change”. I agree with Charles Krauthammer, nobody on the world stage listens to him anymore. I know the readers of Climate Depot and other truthsayers re the subject will not be taken in by this Sideshow Barker. Unfortunately the students/faculty of Geargetown U. gave him standing ovations. So much for GU.
    Tragically this global warming scam has resulted in huge global mis-direction and mis-spent trillions.

  4. Pathway says:

    I hear they have a good psychiatrist at Club Gitmo.

  5. tckev says:

    ‘Hope and Change’
    And now we know what these empty phrases signaled and the word is HELP!

  6. Robert of Ottawa says:

    Haha, I had the very same thought, Mr. Goddard

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