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The New Dictator

Obama has chosen to bypass the representative branch of government, and declare anyone who disagrees with him to be evil and stupid. Is this America, or a third world dictatorship? This country was founded on the idea of : “We … Continue reading

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Obama Escalates His Rhetoric Against Americans

Red regions now represent flat earth, bitter people who cling to guns and religion

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Obama Can’t Control The IRS Or The DOJ, But He Can Control Global Sea Level

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Obama To Use Normal Weather As Part Of His “Climate Script”

Twitter / suzyji: Hot sweaty day in DC. Weather …

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Can Obama Restore A Safe Tornado-Free Climate?

05 Apr 1890 – Cyclone and Floods in America. TORNADO AND BLIZZ…

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Understanding Consensus Science

The German National Socialist Party (similar to the US Democratic Party) published a pamphlet entitled “One Hundred Authors Against Einstein“ http://www.ekkehard-friebe.de/kap2.pdf Einstein respond with “Why 100? If I were wrong, one would have been enough.” – Albert Einstein

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Fourteen Months Of Preparation For Obama’s Speech

About 14 months ago, NOAA appears to have decided that 2012 was going to be the hottest year in the US, regardless of actual weather conditions for the remainder of the year. This is at their discretion, because they have … Continue reading

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Disturbing 1950 Polar Meltdown


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More Arctic Ice Than The 1850s?

The Northwest Passage was navigated by small unpowered vessels twice during the 1850s, but this year is looking like that will be impossible. 25 Jun 1925 – THE NORTH-WEST PASSAGE.

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Understanding Extraordinary Climate Change

We have often noticed that in the tabular statements of those compilers of weather records who write to the Times, useful and welcome as their communications are, every season is sure to be “extraordinary,” almost every month one of the … Continue reading

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