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Will Obama’s Trip To Africa Generate CO2 Emissions?

Obama says that emissions generation is the benchmark for rejecting Keystone. I wonder if his trip to Africa will generate any emissions? How about breathing? Bill Clinton got impeached over his emissions.

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Another Day Of Record Cold In The Arctic

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Reverend Jim Jones In The Oval Office

The storm is coming. Drink the Kool-Aid.

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The New Dictator

Obama has chosen to bypass the representative branch of government, and declare anyone who disagrees with him to be evil and stupid. Is this America, or a third world dictatorship? This country was founded on the idea of : “We … Continue reading

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Obama Escalates His Rhetoric Against Americans

Red regions now represent flat earth, bitter people who cling to guns and religion

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Obama Can’t Control The IRS Or The DOJ, But He Can Control Global Sea Level

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Obama To Use Normal Weather As Part Of His “Climate Script”

Twitter / suzyji: Hot sweaty day in DC. Weather …

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