Obama Lays Out His Case For Climate Panic

President Obama laid out his case yesterday

  • Last year was very warm in the US
  • Globally, the past decade was warmer than the 1970s
  • It is hot and muggy in DC in the summer

Therefore there is a huge storm coming, and he doesn’t have time to debate it with the Flat Earth Society. Immediate dictatorial action is needed to stop this storm.

Who could argue with such rational, clear minded thinking?

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5 Responses to Obama Lays Out His Case For Climate Panic

  1. Bob says:

    You missed his emphasis on how hot it was or how hard he was working to save the planet by repeatedly wiping his brow. No one noticed that the temperature of this extremely hot day was about average for Washington in June.

  2. tckev says:

    Sorry but the Flat Earth Society is the climate modelers with their model rationalizing reducing the spherical earth to a disc that is a ¼ of the diameter of the real earth, constantly irradiated by a ¼ of our real sun’s output 24/7 with no day/night cycle.

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