Australia’s Angry Summer Of 1924

Marble Bar heatwave, 1923-24

The world record for the longest sequence of days above 100°Fahrenheit (or 37.8° on the Celsius scale) is held by Marble Bar in the inland Pilbara district of Western Australia. The temperature, measured under standard exposure conditions, reached or exceeded the century mark every day from 31 October 1923 to 7 April 1924, a total of 160 days.

BOM – Australian Climate Extremes

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2 Responses to Australia’s Angry Summer Of 1924

  1. Mike says:

    Rogue camels were spotted in the area.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Do you honestly believe that primative Australian savages back in 1924 would possibly know what a thermometers was, let alone have the mental capacity to read one? That is one record that Hansen needs to “adjust” out of existence. (sarc)

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