Prosecutor Tries To Prove That Zimmerman’s Head Wasn’t Getting Pounded

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12 Responses to Prosecutor Tries To Prove That Zimmerman’s Head Wasn’t Getting Pounded

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

  2. MikeTheDenier says:

    “Creepy ass cracker”

  3. geologyJim says:

    The physical evidence was so incontrovertible in this case. Everything supported George Zimmerman’s account of the events. He was jumped and sucker-punched by Trayvon, pummeled MMA-style by Travon, and had his head slammed into the concrete by “darling little angelic” Travon Martin.

    George fired one shot in self-defense and the little gang-banger wannabee dope-head drug dealer died. End of story in the rational world.

    But the media and the Obama spinmeisters had a meme to play out in the run-up to the election – and poor George became the first designated “white” Hispanic in the nation’s history.

    Pray for George. With this bunch of thugs, the rule of law is not secure and anything could happen.

    • jas says:

      Of course an ignorant bigot (your words show you are a bigot)such as yourself would throw “Pray” into your statement-There is no proof that he was”sucker-punched”GZis the guy who studies MMA & wanted to” hunt guys down”-knew he had a gun-was arrested for domestic violence and batterey and resisting arrest-He never even went to the hospital to have his “pummeled ” head looked at it-I’ve gotten worse cuts banging into a table-Why is TM a wanna be gang banger? because he was walking home-BTW pot smoking does not make someone violent-in fact just the opposite. No one knows what happened but it’s probably good bigots like yourself are coming out in the open so this country has to face how far we have to go before we can began to say there is equality.

  4. Blade says:

    Those local bureaucrats down there are not to be trusted, whether they are (D) or (R).

    One of the main drivers of this case is the attack on self-defense. They will see to it that no citizen has it easy when they defend themselves, rather they are expected to be good little servants and bow to the supreme authority of the state to protect them ( “stop pursuing, let the perp go!” ).

    There are those making this racial, which as usual is a red herring, but believe me this is all about exerting state authority over the free citizen. It is all about making it as painful as possible to promote self-defense and yes, the Second Amendment.

    Ironically, when Zimmerman gets cleared and the malcontents start to act up again in a hot summer shopping spree, the authorities will have created many more multiple Zimmermans as people will defend themselves.

  5. If Zimmerman gets to be a white Hispanic, can I be a black Caucasian?

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