Obama Saturday Speech : Global Warming Is Wrecking The United States

75% of the US is below normal temperatures this year, and Obama tells the American people that dictatorial action is needed to keep the US from overheating.

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YearTDeptUS.png (688×531)


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6 Responses to Obama Saturday Speech : Global Warming Is Wrecking The United States

  1. Sundance says:

    Congress has decided to have an open inquiry on Obama’s claims on the social costs of carbon which will be overseen by the non-partisan CBO. I sure hope it gets televised on CSPAN.

  2. Mike says:

    Global Warming is wrecking the US?? LOL!! More like the US government is the one doing the wrecking!!

  3. Andy Oz says:

    University of Hawaii (Obama’s second home) says the CO2 now powers up El Niño!!!!
    Must be smoking to much Hawaiian mull when they wrote this press release.


  4. Hugh K says:

    Saturday night and way past time someone laid it out exactly like it is….Obama the incompetent ….He’s a small time hustler that has been propagated to a position of prominence by assclowns reflectively picked up by the old media (along with additional fellow travelers) to tout some mystical, word-smith bull-shit that sucks in the gullible to his benefit.
    We used to call such a person back in the sixties a street-hustler (with admittedly some degree of admiration for the response – if not repulsion by the tactics).
    That is what he is and always will be, despite Hollywood’s and the old media’s best efforts, to seek some degree of coolness by being a part of the mysterious (but supposedly as if it was of value) historical event of electing the first genuine (even if a half-breed of white and black – not that there is any problem with that) just to feel cool about themselves or more importantly their eagerness on-board-ness lifestyle – look at me.

    Just sayin’…..because that’s cool to put in a comment…that America can do a whole lot better….No?

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