Telegraph Going For The World Record Global Warming BS

ScreenHunter_462 Jun. 29 17.15

Death Valley is 121F this afternoon.

ScreenHunter_463 Jun. 29 17.23

7-Day Zone Forecast for Death Valley National Park

In July 1913, they hit 134 F – during a week which averaged 129F for the high.

The only world record is the amount of nonsense being repeated by the press over every weather event.

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27 Responses to Telegraph Going For The World Record Global Warming BS

  1. I listened to the news last evening, ABC with Diane Sawyer, and they were reporting on this. “The West is experiencing record heat!” they said, but mentioned no records were actually broken yet, although Death Valley might reach actual records. Or maybe not. It was the weirdest reporting I’ve ever heard.

  2. Jorge says:

    ABC, like everyone else, got their memos. This week it’s about the “almost record” heat wave. A heat wave in the desert in the summer, you don’t say. You knew they were going to do this. You know they’re going to chase every single event. Everyone is at the ready. They’re losing too much ground. This winter killed them. The public is turning on them. They are going for the hail mary. I actually think this naked attempt at alarmism, just like last year, will hurt them more than help them though. Can you imagine what the reaction of the people will be when they learn that there are actually FEWER tornadoes and hurricanes than at any other point, after being told the opposite? These people are now outright lying. They’ll get caught red handed and when they do, the people will never believe them again.

    • PaddikJ says:

      These people are now outright lying.

      If by “these people” you mean the MSM, no one really believes them now, and outright lying is nothing new – “yellow journalism” was invented by Randolph Hearst in the early 20th Cent. It’s really not even about AGW – that’s just the scare de’-jour; it’s about the MSM desperately trying to keep what little viewership/readership it still has. The poor fools seem never to have heard the old adage about “stop digging.”

  3. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Here in West Virginia, blueberries are 18 days behind normal. Corn looks to a foot or two shorter than usual for this time of year. It has been a mostly cool spring and early summer. Won’t see any reporters mentioning it.

  4. nigelf says:

    The media want so bad for there to be heat records broken that they’re nearly reporting them as broken before they actually do. Jorge is right, they’ve got their memos. It’s up to us to point out the facts to everyone we know or to those that repeat these lies. If they persist, whip out the smartphone and google the facts right on the spot then explain to them how they’re being lied to by the media and they shouldn’t believe any of the BS that comes from them on weather or climate.

  5. Scott Bachmeier says:

    I actually hope it does hit 135ºF at Death Valley CA…even the media deserves to be right once in a while.

  6. QV says:

    In the UK, the BBC has been reporting on this.
    Sometimes they mention that the forecasted temperature is close to the record temperature recorded 100 years ago, in the same place.
    Other times they forget to mention that it was 100 years ago and in the same place, which leaves the listener with the impression that it’s another example of “global warming”.

  7. Blade says:

    American West bakes in ‘brutal’ heatwave as temperatures approach world record.

    If The Telegraph was honest that would say: “American desert southwest” now wouldn’t it?

    How do you leftists AGW ecotards sleep at night being so dishonest? You must have some microscopic trace of integrity in there somewhere? Well don’t ya?

  8. tckev says:

    Remind me is it called Dead Valley because it’s such a pleasant and hospitable place?
    Or is it part of a very dry desert that at this time of year gets very hot?
    The Tory Dailgraph must have took the memo to heart, or perhaps they were paid to publish.

  9. Douglas Hoyt says:

    John Daly has some comments on Death Valley. He says “If there is a media announcement of a record being broken at Death Valley, the skeptical observer should immediately demand to know if the record was broken at Furnace Creek, or at Badwater. If it is Furnace Creek, then the record will be quite genuine. But if it is Badwater, then the record will be a complete fake. ”

    More at

  10. tckev says:

    The other problem that the die-hard AGW believer has to explain is why hasn’t the 1913 record been broken yet. We have so much more CO2 in the atmosphere since 1913 but temperatures stubbornly fails to break this record.

  11. Steve Gelder says:

    You guys are funny. So desperate to paint this as the media pushing the idea of global climate change that you don’t acknowledge the news isn’t reporting it as such, they’re just stating the obvious – we may be on the verge of breaking the world record for the highest recorded temperature ever. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. But trying to claim the media “has their memos” just makes you look like paranoid loons. The media reports on news, and breaking a record for the highest recorded temperature would be news. Did you see that guy who jumped to earth from the Red Bull shuttle…? It was a world record. They talked about it before it happened, and after, because it’s news. Grab a cold iced tea and relax.

    • There is no chance of breaking the July 10, 1913 record of 134F this week.

      July 8-14 1913 Death Valley temperature 128 129 134 129 130 131 127

      Click to access mwr-050-01-0010.pdf

      • Steve Gelder says:

        You’re right, they probably won’t break it this week. So, they should never mention it’s approaching the record, and, if they do, it’s all part of a massive plot to advance global warming theory as fact…? Or, is it just the media, actually kinda doing their job…?

        • Blade says:

          it’s all part of a massive plot to advance global warming theory

          I think that makes you a conspiracy theory theorist. More concerned that citizens are questioning the government and media than the actions occurring daily by the government and media.

          Conspiracy theory theorists are the easiest pickings of all to be controlled by the powers-that-be and the would-be powers-that-be.

          When you set the bar that high, e.g., “massive plot to advance global warming” you can sleep quite safely knowing your fears will never be manifested. Ignorance is bliss.

          Meanwhile you do have some actual instances of those conspiracies that you mentioned ( I said *you*, NOT anyone here, because contrary to your conspiracy theory theory most folks are merely ridiculing the daft ignorance and childish obsessive compulsive disorder of the politicians and media ). But in case it matters there are bonafide dictionary approved conspiracies seen in the Climategate emails, peer review process, UN agendas, Gore, Romm, McKibben and related internet alarmism re-tweeting talking points, NGO’s influencing government, etc. If a conspiracy is more than one person plotting some future action either in the open or behind closed doors then you really don’t need to look very far now do you?

          And how about the Carbon Trading scheme? I don’t think that one can be topped for breaking every rule ever written, especially conflict of interests, where drummed up alarmism pushed by “scientists” and econuts conspires to make governmeny attack all industry to pay forgiveness penances, like a twisted capitalistic version of saying Hail Mary’s in the catholic confession booth. An enormous amount of crooks and criminals were positioning themselves to milk this financial ponzi scheme to enrich themselves. I cannot believe that people like you aren’t thanking God ( pardon the pun ) that this scam is being challenged and hopefully destroyed.

        • Steve Gelder says:

          Not sure why I’m not able to replay to Blade directly, but I’ll toss it in here. No, I’m not a conspiracy theory theorist – I was asking if that’s what it meant if a heat record was broken and the news reported it. Naturally, that’s not what it is. But, thanks for taking a few words out of context and building a long, boring argument against them.

          The Climategate emails (when will we stop taking the suffix -gate onto everything we consider to be a scandal…?) aren’t a proven conspiracy, nor is the peer review process.

          And the news reporting on possible record temperatures isn’t either.

        • Blade says:

          Steve Gelder [June 30, 2013 at 9:40 pm] says:

          The Climategate emails (when will we stop taking the suffix -gate onto everything we consider to be a scandal…?) aren’t a proven conspiracy, nor is the peer review process.

          ~sigh~ Yeah right. Salinger

          cc: ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???
          date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 11:21:50 +120 ???
          from: ???
          subject: Another course of Action – Recent climate sceptic research and the
          to: ???, ???, ???, ???, Phil Jones , ???, ???, ???

          Dear All

          For information, De Freitas has finally put all his arguments together in a paper published in the Canadian Bulletin of Petroleum Geology, 2002 (on holiday at the moment, and the reference is at work!)

          I have had thoughts also on a further course of action. The present Vice Chancellor of the University of Auckland, Professor John Hood (comes from an engineering background) is very concerned that Auckland should be seen as New Zealand’s premier research university, and one with an excellent reputation internationally. He is concerned to the extent that he is monitoring the performance of ALL his senior staff, from Associate Professor upwards, including interviews with them. My suggestion is that a band of you review editors write directly to Professor Hood with your concerns. In it you should point out that you are all globally recognized top climate scientist. It is best that such a letter come from outside NZ and is signed by more than one person. His address is:

          Professor John Hood
          Vice Chancellor
          University of Auckland
          Private Bag 92019
          Auckland, New Zealand

          Let me know what you think! See suggested text below.



          Some suggested text below:


          We write to you as the editorial board(review editors??) of the
          leading international journal Climate Research for climate scientists
          We are very concerned at the poor standards and personal biases
          shown by a member of your staff. …..

          When we originally appointed … to the editorial board we were
          under the impression that they would carry out their duties in an
          objective manner as is expected of scientists world wide. We
          were also given to understand that this person has been honoured
          with science communicator of the year award, several times by
          your … organisation.

          Instead we have discovered that this person has been using his
          position to promote ‘fringe’ views of various groups with which
          they are associated around the world. It perhaps would have been
          less disturbing if the ‘science’ that was being passed through
          the system was sound. However, a recent incident has alerted us
          to the fact that poorly constructed and uncritical work has been
          allowed to enter the pages of the journal. A recent example has
          caused outrage amongst leading climate scientists around the
          world and has resulted in the journal dismissing (??).. from the
          editorial board.

          We bring this to your attention since we consider it brings the
          name of your university and New Zealand into some disrepute. We
          leave it to your discretion what use you make of this

          The journal itself cannot be considered completely blameless in
          this situation and we clearly need to tighten some of our
          editorial processes; however, up until now we have relied on the
          honour and professionalism of our editors. Sadly this incident
          has damaged our faith in some of our fellow scientists.
          Regrettably it will reflect on your institution as this person is
          a relatively senior staff member.


          Do you have enough integrity to condemn these SOB’s?

        • Blade says:

          That last sentence “Do you have enough integrity to condemn these SOB’s?” is from me to Steve Gelder.

          I messed up the blockquotes.

        • Steve Gelder says:

          Blade, have you never worked at a job where people all write to make a change to some policy or event…? You’ve never received an email from a political party suggesting the gist f the text to include to draw attention to an issue…? This email exchange is hardly out of the ordinary for any number of fields. If you want to view it as a great conspiracy, you have every right to. I find that assessment, however, to be misplaced and poorly thought out.

    • Ben says:

      RE: Gelder – “You guys are funny”

      You are not so funny. The Arctic is much closer than Death Valley to breaking a record, but in the opposite direction. So far, this is the coldest Arctic summer in recorded history.

      The media’s silence is deafening.

      • Steve Gelder says:

        Do you understand that these extremes are all a part of climate change…? That just because it’s cold in one part of the world doesn’t exclude or pre-empt climate change in another part of the world…? This is why you guys are funny.

  12. Billy Liar says:

    There might be hot weather somewhere else in the NH in the near future. It is summer after all. I await the reporting of it in the media with bated breath (yawn).

  13. DMarshall says:

    There have been some new records established and although the Death Valley all-time high wasn’t challenged, the record temp for June was matched.

    Here are some stats from

    Sunday’s Heat Notables:

    Death Valley, Calif. – Reached 129 degrees, tying its all-time June record high set the previous day and on June 30, 1994. Records there date to 1911.
    Las Vegas, Nev. – Tied all-time record high of 117 degrees. Third day in a row with 115-degree heat.
    Lancaster, Calif. – All-time record high of 115 degrees. Records date to 1948.
    Bishop, Calif. – Tied June record high of 109 degrees. Records date to 1943.
    Needles, Calif. – Topping out at 122 degrees, this is the first time on record of three straight June days of 120+ heat. Records date to 1888.
    Kingman, Ariz. – Topping out at 110 degrees, this is the first time on record of three straight June days of 110+ heat. Records date to 1901.
    Saturday’s Heat Notables:

    Death Valley, Calif. – Reached 128 degrees, tying its all-time June record high set June 30, 1994.
    Phoenix, Ariz. – The temperature rose to 119 degrees, which makes Saturday its fourth-hottest day in history.
    Kingman, Ariz. – Set a new all-time June record high of 112 degrees after tying the previous record of 110 on Friday.
    Salt Lake City, Utah – Recorded an all-time June record high of 105 degrees for the second day in a row.
    Las Vegas, Nev. – Second day in a row with 115-degree heat. First time with consecutive 115-degree days since 1994.
    Needles, Calif. – Reached an all-time June record high of 123 degrees.
    Houston, Texas – Set an all-time June record high of 107 degrees at Bush Intercontinental airport.
    San Antonio, Texas – Set an all-time June record high of 108 degrees.

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