Understanding Alarmist Spam

Reggie has been spamming all day about “insanely hot weather melting the ice at the McKenzie River delta

Temperatures today offshore of the McKenzie River delta were more than 2.5C below normal.

ScreenHunter_460 Jun. 29 16.45

ScreenHunter_459 Jun. 29 16.39

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34 Responses to Understanding Alarmist Spam

  1. Steve, the map clearly shows a positive temperature anomaly east of the McKenzie River.
    Do you realize it as been raining in Inuvik today? It is forecast to be sunny and 85 there by Monday. Tomorrow it is Kugluktuk’s turn to get rain and it will be only 52 tomorrow, but back yp to 78 and sunny by Tuesday.

  2. Huh?
    I see. muddying the waters
    Do you see the + temp anomoly in the water off Banks Island. That is on the receiving end of the hot air blowing from Kugluktuk, NU. Thanks for posting a link that proves my point!

    • mogur2013 says:

      Grin, Reggie, do you now see how they are substituting anecdotal information for long range data? Steve has been posting local and temporal anomalies all winter long to ‘prove’ that the real scientists are full of beans. Anyone with an ounce of scientific method in their soul would ignore his insanity. Took me a few posts to learn that any serious discussion here is simply jousting at windmills. They simply call you names, and continue the anti-Obama, anti-science meme. I love that you are trying, but I just have to sit back and be amused by their antics. It’s like watching an ant colony, their pheromones are great at locating a current source of food, but they utterly lack the ability to see the big picture.

      • OMG – the moron army is arriving. Do you people have your integrity surgically removed?

        • terrence says:

          “Do you people have your integrity surgically removed?” NO, NEVER. They do NOT have any integrity, nor have they EVER had any integrity.

      • Thanks, I’ve taken a lot of abuse here and it is nice to finally hear from someone sane. I don’t usually comment anywhere, I lurk at blogs where intelligent people do real science.
        I couldn’t resist myself when the opportunity came this week to use some of what I have learned about current conditions. to set the record straight.
        I have to give Steve credit, although he has been very abusive, he as not deleted comments. That’s not the case with Watts at his blog. He banned me the very first time I visited because I had the temerity to ask Chris Monckton three inconvenient questions.
        I can hardly wait to see how the pseudo-skeptics are going to react to Mike Mann’s speech to the genuine skeptics at Tam2013. I have the feelings that the sh*t is going to hit the fan.Watt’s may have a stroke.

        • Are you terminally stupid, or is it just years of brainwashing?

        • I did play hockey before helmets were mandatory but I don’t see anything posted that would warrant calling me stupid.

        • terrence says:


          I am delighted to read that you were banned on WUWT; I am eagerly waiting to see when you get banned here.

          But, I expect Steven likes playing with you, and seeing what unadulterated crap you regularly dump here. Just when everyone thinks you could NOT possibly say anything more STUPID and UNINFORMED, YOU DO!!! Are you TRYING to look STUPID and UNINFORMED, REGGIE POOH?

        • Jimbo says:

          “Thanks, I’ve taken a lot of abuse here and it is nice to finally hear from someone [in]sane.” 😉

      • F. Guimaraes says:

        What kind of “science” talks about warming in a world that has been steadily cooling for 15 years? Pseudo-science maybe?

  3. Steve, did you know the temperature at Kugluktuk, NU shattered the record for this day by 13.5 degrees.

    • rocks heat in the sun. that has nothing to do with sea ice.

    • terrence says:

      I did play hockey before helmets were mandatory but I don’t see anything posted that would warrant calling me stupid. – It is called BRAIN DAMAGE Reggie-Pooh. You REALLY should have some brain scans (assuming you have a brain left).

      Almost EVERYTHING, if NOT EVERYTHING, you DUMP here warrants calling you STUPID.

  4. tckev says:

    “When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.”
    – Churchill

  5. copernicus34 says:

    Reggie found a friend

  6. Chewer says:

    Reggie and Mogur are quite religious and it is hard for them to abandon their Deity.
    History, thoughtfulness and integrity are not important when striving for poverty in the name of evil C02.

  7. Richard T. Fowler says:

    Reggie, one thing I have not yet seen you address is the issue of the rowers hugging the coast within, let us say, 1 km. I think it is pretty clear by now that if they try to take a more direct route they will be blocked by MYI and assuming they do not get crushed while waiting for safe passageways to open, they will not get through the passage in time to avoid the onset of refreezing. But on the other hand, if they hug the coast as you have suggested they will do, does that not put them clear into November, if not December, on their ETA?


  8. mogur2013 says:

    Reggie, you will learn that Steve allows your posts to a point… my last three have not shown up here, and I expect this one won’t either, but if you do see this one, … run.

    • Mogul, you have to roll with the punches. I believe Steve allows my comments because I
      don’t cross the line and get nasty. If being polite and not retaliating is required, then I can toe the line. In a week or so we will see who was right and then I will move on and be forgotten at this blog.

  9. Richard, even if there is no ice they are going to hug the coast for safety considerations, they are in a 26 foot. They can only enter open water when they are absolutely certain they will make it to land if weather deteriorates. If they make it to the waters south east of Banks Island, the are assured many weeks of optimal ice conditions. What could hamper them are strong headwinds during decent weather, and any kind of wind that makes the seas unsafe for their small boat. When they start heading north, it will be obvious if the ice melt has been enough to make it before the ice returns in mid September. It appears however the ice is already clear at their destination.
    What they are attempting is risky and failure is not out of the question, they need lots of good luck and decent weather.

    • Chewer says:

      They need more than good luck on this adventure.
      If they haven’t hit Pond Inlet by August 8th, their trip is over!

      • Please explain to me the reason they have to finish the trip by August 8th. Are you expecting the melt season to end that early?

        • stewart pid says:

          Reggie and David …. I doubt either of you have ever worked in the arctic but I can tell you from personal experience that around August 8th it starts to gets noticeably colder. I always remember that because our drinking and cooking water would have a thin ice crust on it in the morning starting about that time and it began to cool noticeably at that time. I’m sure individual years vary but that is what I experienced.

        • Chewer says:

          By August 9th mother nature can and most likely will produce a nasty snowstorm with whipping winds and chilled temperatures that will take whatever drive & determination they have left, down to zero…

      • Aug 8th would be about a month earlier than they planned. I thought this was an 80 day trip, starting July 1. Pond Inlet is the finish line.

    • You want my Arctic forecast? Here it is

      The rowers will not present an honest account of conditions in the Arctic, particularly about the amount of ice present or why they made their route decisions

    • Sundance says:

      The Arctic was ice free in summers in the Early Holocene and maybe these guys should wait until that happens again. Until then these guys could get publicity canoeing over Niagara Falls. lol

    • Richard T. Fowler says:

      You wrote, “If they make it to the waters south east of Banks Island, the are assured many weeks of optimal ice conditions.”

      Do you mind my asking how many weeks you expect them to take to get from 117°W to their turning-north point that you referenced, or if you don’t have a specific point in mind let’s just say 99°W?


      • Richard, that is a very good question and it deserves more than an answer where I pull a date out of my a$$. I am going to think about it and will give you an answer tomorrow, as well as an explanation to how it was derived.
        Then it will be fun to watch what actually happens with the row and probably see me be almost but not completely wrong.

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