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If We Relied On Consensus Science, We Would Still Be Living In Caves

Advances are made by people who think outside the box. That idea is stupid. We have always lived in caves.

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The Arizona Heatwave Of 1974 – Peak Year Of The Global Cooling Scare

Buckeye, Arizona is just west of Phoenix.  From June 11 to July 6 1974, it was over 110F every day except for one. Temperatures reached 116F on 13 days. Peak temperature was 119F on June 23. 1974 was also the … Continue reading

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I Can Conceive Of It

Twitter / billmckibben: I actually just can’t really …

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The Obama Dictatorial Crisis Of The Week

Every week Obama announces a new crisis which requires new dictatorial powers. Despite the fact that gun crime is way down, we were having a gun crisis Then the sequester crisis The the we have to spy on you to save you … Continue reading

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1936 : Hottest And Coldest Months In US History

February 1936 was the coldest month in US history. July 1936 was the hottest. Thousands of people died from the heat that summer. The year was plagued with record heat, cold, drought, fires and floods. http://docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/064/mwr-064-07-c1.pdf http://docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/064/mwr-064-08-c1.pdf   http://news.google.com/newspapers 20 … Continue reading

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