The Arizona Heatwave Of 1974 – Peak Year Of The Global Cooling Scare

Buckeye, Arizona is just west of Phoenix.  From June 11 to July 6 1974, it was over 110F every day except for one. Temperatures reached 116F on 13 days. Peak temperature was 119F on June 23.

ScreenHunter_468 Jun. 29 19.30

1974 was also the peak year of the global cooling scare, the worst tornado outbreak in US history, and the year Darwin, Australia was destroyed by a typhoon.

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5 Responses to The Arizona Heatwave Of 1974 – Peak Year Of The Global Cooling Scare

  1. F. Guimaraes says:

    1974 was 2 years before the minimum of cycle C20, but the radiations back then were considerably stronger than 2 years before the minimum of last cycle, C23.
    The radiations in 1974 were nearly twice as strong as in 2006, a clear sign that the following cycle, C21, would be intense.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Wasn’t CO2 about 300 ppm back then? My sister lived through Cyclone Tracy, one of the most intense cyclones ever to hit Australia. There was also a massive storm that hit New South Wales and knocked down almost every TV antenna in Newcastle in the same year as well as trees and power lines. CO2 has nothing to do with anything and I’m over the whole cAGW scare.

  3. snafu says:

    The 1974 Newy storm was the ‘Sygna storm’ in which the Sygna was blown onto Stockton Beach.

    I was 12 and I still live in Lake Macquarie (Belmont). Scariest night of my life.

  4. wws says:

    I was living in Phoenix, 15 years old that year. What I recall as the worst part was that for a lot of those days (including one week straight, by my memory) the temperature NEVER dropped below 100 degrees, not even in the middle of the night! Harsh to stick your head out at 3 AM and find that it’s still 101 out.

    And I remember VERY distinctly seeing the big 119 on the time and temperature display at the bank near my house!

    (how did we survive? Cultivated lots of friends with swimming pools, that’s how!)

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