Arctic Sea Ice Is The Same Thickness As 1940

In 1940, Arctic sea ice averaged about two metres thick, just like it does now.

it was concluded that near Polar temperatures are on an average six degrees higher than those registered by Nansen 40 years ago. Ice measurements were on an average only 6½ feet against from 9¼ to 13 feet.

 Polar Meltdown

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22 Responses to Arctic Sea Ice Is The Same Thickness As 1940

  1. gator69 says:

    Yes, but climatologist thickness has tripled!

  2. Steve:
    The issue isn’t thickness, it’s the fact that PAC2013 has left the ice weakened and badly fractured.
    All those holes seen north of 85 degrees are a result of wind acting on fractured ice and this is a new phenomenon. Nobody is claiming that all that damage is a result of melting. Ice doesn’t melt that far north and certainly not at the beginning of melt season.

    • You bounce around from one temper tantrum to another.

      • What temper tantrums.i am enjoying this thread?
        Are you willing to go on the record and agree with Latitude’s definition of MYI and his expectation that the ice on what he calls the coast should have melted already?

        That’s a rhetorical question because I am positive that you are intelligent enough to know the definition of MYI, and that the ice above the CAA and northern Greenland never melts in place. It is too darn cold!

        • Latitude says:

          Reggie, I’m enjoying it too.
          But one person I won’t play with… a liar
          I’ve posted this too many times for you to still be confused about what I said…

          Reggie, sponsored by Brawndo says:
          July 1, 2013 at 9:33 pm
          That ice on what you call “the coast” is the oldest ice in the Arctic and is located where ice doesn’t melt
          Latitude says:
          July 1, 2013 at 10:02 pm
          The ice that I call “the coast” is….for the umteenth time….the entire coast….all the way around the Arctic….where the purple shows it’s 90-100%

    • Latitude says:

      no it doesn’t….and it doesn’t disappear either…the wind piles it up and makes more MYI

      • Latitude:
        Downstairs you claimed that ice did melt….

        “and the ice is getting thicker the closer it gets to the coast because high land temps are melting it..
        That’s a lead caused from the wind pushing the ice you dimwit…………

        It’s July, normally the ice at the coast would be melted and gone by now……..not thicker”

        You are spinning so fast it appears you cant remember what you said a mere couple hours ago. I wish you would learn the definition of MYI. That 15 foot thick ice may be between 5 and 10 years old.

        • Latitude says:

          that’s your problem!…you’re so dim you don’t catch sarcasm

          and it’s 5-10 years old…because the wind did not blow it out..and every year the wind put it in a spot where it didn’t melt….don’t tell me you’re so dim you don’t even realize the wind can empty the Arctic in a heartbeat… was the wind that caused the low amount of MYI now….and the wind that caused that gigantic slushy hole

          I’m through, talk to yourself

        • gator69 says:

          Maybe you should ask him why MYI is rare down south. 😉

        • Latitude:
          Now you have done a 180 and agree that TOO’s definition of MYI is correct. It may be a good idea to get offline for a while, you must be dizzy from all that spinning.

        • Latitude says:

          stop lying Reggie….
          Laz and I agreed…and Laz and I agreed to wait and see

    • lance says:

      what planet you from? “All those holes seen north of 85 degrees are a result of wind acting on fractured ice and this is a new phenomenon.”……sorry dude, I lived up there in 1979-1980…and heaven forbid…wind and open ice existed back then!!! Get a life and move on….ice will melt and it will freeze

      • Dave G says:

        Reggie, get a life and move on geez

      • Jimbo says:

        Why is Reggie obsessed with holes??? Is he weird or what?m 😦

        • terrence says:

          Why is Reggie obsessed with holes??? – It would be weird if it was anybody except Reggie-Pooh-Pooh – he is obsessed with holes, because his head is full of holes; it has so many holes that the wind blows through it – any brains were blown out a LONG time ago, as you can see by reading the crap he dumps here.

      • terrence says:

        My good heavenly days; I am shocked, SHOCKED I SAY! Lance, are you saying Reggie-Pooh-Pooh is wrong? Do you really mean that “in 1979-1980…and heaven forbid…wind and open ice existed back then!!!”

        Oh, well – you cannot expect anything more from the science-free-zone in Reggie-Pooh-Pooh’s rectum (where he keeps his head)

    • Chewer says:

      Well that is great new Reggie:)
      Maybe the Team Twisted rowers can gain more confidence in that spectacular news!

    • Ben says:

      RE: Brawndo – “All those holes seen north of 85 degrees are a result of wind acting on fractured ice and this is a new phenomenon.”

      Once upon a time, the wind never, ever blew fractured ice before. Except for that one time, back in April 1912, when the wind blew fractured ice down the Fram Strait. The end.

  3. F. Guimaraes says:

    The trend after 1940 would be for lower ice, as the solar cycles strength started to pick up after that. The trend now should be the opposite, with an important increase in ice accumulation, year after year.

  4. Buddy says:

    ….and pigs can fly. I feel much better already:)

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