Looks Like Drudge Only Missed By About A Dozen Degrees

Drudge forecast 135 for Death Valley, and it made it to about 123.

ScreenHunter_491 Jul. 01 17.23

7-Day Forecast for Latitude 36.45°N and Longitude 116.87°W (Elev. -183 ft)

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4 Responses to Looks Like Drudge Only Missed By About A Dozen Degrees

  1. gator69 says:

    Drudge is turning into a carnival barker.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    “Missed it by that much.” Um, even if it hit 128, after ten decades of “runaway warming” as per the hockey stick, we should be breaking the 134°F (56.7c) record all the time, but even in this “historic” heat wave we’re not even coming close… a century later! And this, as Anthony W points out, is after a big black asphalt parking lot has been constructed next to the thermometer at Furnace Creek. The 1913 record still stands!
    And another thing, I’m waiting for time to do the analysis myself, or for some other godsend here to do it (or to provide a link!), to look at U.S. record highs and lows for the states. I heard that on average the record lows were set upwards of 5 years after the record highs for states. I don’t think this is consistent — at all — with agw theory. Something is rotten in the state of West Anglia!

  3. Jorge says:

    Heat waves are like travelling Greatful Dead concerts for the alarmists.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Lol, and I’ll bet the GDead is the favorite band of much of the top brass among the Chicken Little Brigade, like Berkeley educated Michael Mann and Peter “The Geek” Gleick who was awarded “Hippie of the Week” by The Daily Bayonet. While there’s nothing wrong with liking the GDead, there is something wrong with the outright glee they show whenever there’s a weather disaster or a heatwave like this. According to their theory and way of thinking, heat is supposed to be bad. Then why are they so overjoyed? Like children in a candy store.

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