Obama Not Interested In US Government Statistics

ScreenHunter_489 Jul. 01 17.03

Twitter / ForecastFacts: .@BarackObama on …

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8 Responses to Obama Not Interested In US Government Statistics

  1. Traitor In Chief says:

    Well, expect to be audited. Just plan right now to file on form EZ. Better yet, just send them your whole check…. and your firstborn.

  2. Chewer says:

    His advisors are rotten to the core and he doesn’t realize what an A-hole he looks to be!

  3. gator69 says:

    “higher and higher cost”

    Everything is going up in cost you dope, and lately, it’s THANKS TO YOU!

    • Jorge says:

      Exactly, most of his arguments since Georgetown are on the higher costs. But costs ALWAYS go up for everything. It’s due to inflation, not global warming.

    • Olaf Koenders says:

      Heh. FoecastFacts sounds like an 8 year old Moon hoax “truther”.

  4. BC says:

    Here’s the REAL reason for bigger and hotter fires in much of the country over the last 75 years or so. (PDF Warning!)

    Click to access Shea_1940_pappies_burned_woods.pdf

    If you read it, it comes across in the EXACT elitist, derisive vein as today’s Glow Bull Wormers. The academics had their “consensus” that all fires in the forest were bad and the “deniers” were either ignored or ridiculed as “Flat-Earthers”.

  5. miked1947 says:

    We can thank Smokey the Bear for the forest fires over the last 30 or so years. We can thank the idiots that want to build in the forests for the increasing costs.

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