Alarmists Lose Interest In Greenland

The hottest week of summer is here, and the temperature is -23C on the Greenland ice sheet.  ScreenHunter_497 Jul. 01 18.44


Instead of NASA’s fake meltdown, what we are actually seeing is new ice burying the research station.

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9 Responses to Alarmists Lose Interest In Greenland

  1. Jorge says:

    You mean no gardens on Greenland? I hate you.

  2. R2Dtoo says:

    I had to cancel my tee-time today. Even too cold for and old hardened Canuck!

  3. Marian says:

    “Instead of NASA’s fake meltdown, what we are actually seeing is new ice burying the research station.”

    NASA will say that ice burying the research station is still proof of AGW/CC. 😉

  4. Olaf Koenders says:

    Losing interest in Greenland? How dare they..

    It’s as we all prognosticated. Near the end their voices become shriller – still none of which contain any fact.

    The recent BBC (yeh.. I know) documentary: “ORBIT – Earth’s Extraordinary Journey”, all 3 episodes were full of fact, regarding atmospheric and ocean current changes during different seasons, including – tadaa.. – Milankovitch Cycles. They left out Solar cycles, PDO, AMO and ENSO altogether. It was a very informative series stuffed with facts and a definite must-see. For the BBC to produce such a thing is surprising.

    Here’s the unsurprising thing. One of the presenters somewhere near the southern tip of Greenland, relying on the words of a single, possibly 50 year old Inuit that knows absolutely nothing about the planet he inhabits, says that the ice extent has reduced over the last 20 years. The presenter then makes this bold assertion:

    “The existence of the sea ice here in Greenland, is testament to the complex response our planet has to the Sun in whose orbit we travel. But, it’s a very delicate balance. And no-one is more acutely aware of that, than the people who live here.

    [Inuit] tells me that even before the storm [2012], that this year there’s less ice than in previous years. It’s part of a trend all over the Arctic. The area covered by sea ice has shrunk significantly in the last 20 years. A series of warm winters have meant the seas haven’t cooled down as much as normal, so not as much ice has been able to form. There’s little doubt, that the cause of the warmer winters, is us.

    Global Warming can feel like a myth, when back in the UK, we’ve endured a string of very cold winters, but here on the front line, it’s a reality. Those predictions suggest that the Arctic will continue to warm rapidly over the course of this century. It could be that we may prove capable of generating the kind of climate change that in the past, has been created by the changes in the Earth’s orbit.”

    And that’s it – No scientific explanation for that statement whatsoever! Well, it was very carefully worded and the UK has had some recent cold winters. But – they show how this happened earlier through changes in the course of the jet stream brought on by seasonal change!

    I wanted to edit that section from the series, but decided to leave it in and added some real facts and a warning at the beginning of my re-edited DVD.

    It’s no wonder when they bombard you with proven scientific facts and then resort to a pathetic “message” not backed by anything other than the BBC head office wanting to stuff that in there, that they’re no longer believed. Thankfully, none of the series from Prof. Brian Cox included any of that gumpf.

    • Milankovitch theory is unphysical, worthless, and just as bad as greenhouse theory. The current modern consensus does not even know the true range in the axial tilt of the Earth, for example (it is but a small fraction of the currently presumed 2.5° or 2.6° — the presumed range being 23.1 +/- 1.3 degrees — and even a 2.5° range, which represents only about 175 miles on the globe, cannot have any effect on either global or regional temperatures much larger than that scale). If you have nevertheless been enticed into believing in it, you are unfortunately a carrier of the same disease affecting the climate alarmists (which almost every scientist today is; and you no doubt have also been led to believe in a routine natural succession of global ice ages, in the geological history of Earth). I am of course talking about a revolution in science–particularly the earth and life sciences–which the present generation of scientists is unwilling, through long-held dogma, to confront and accept. Climate science is just the tip of the iceberg of modern scientific incompetence based upon incorrect basic theories and false, unquestioned fundamental assumptions (again, dogmas).

  5. Andy DC says:

    As warming fails to materialize, the lies have inreased exponentially.

  6. Andy Oz says:

    Carbon farms in Australia go broke after wasting taxpayers money.
    There’s that “sinking feeling” once again with bullcrap green businesses that have a crap business model and end up being a rort. And our carbon tax went into that.

    • ozspeaksup says:

      and then the millions handed to indonesia to reflood the peat bogs, and plant a million trees..none of which happened and again WE mugs footed the bill.
      thanks to KRudd and the Liar.

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