Kudos To Superman

I go to the movies about once a year now. On Sunday I saw Superman.

Despite the Arctic theme, there was not the tiniest hint of any liberal BS about global warming. They even showed a healthy Polar Bear running over some ice.

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6 Responses to Kudos To Superman

  1. The most recent Batman franchise has an interesting conservative theme, particularly with regard to dealing with the issue of terrorism.

  2. Lou says:

    Last time I saw a movie at the theater was a Batman movie… The Dark Knight in 2008. Wow, it’s been that long… It’s hard to enjoy movies knowing that most actors are libtards.

    • gator69 says:

      At least the porn industry has been relatively unaffected. 😉

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      I’m boycotting all Movies starring libs. Conservatives need a list of actors we can tolerate. I think I’ve read that Bruce Willis is conservative. There are a few… more than just Eastwood.

  3. You saw the unadjusted version.

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