Obama Trying To Use Tragedy For Political Gain – Yet Again

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05 Oct 1933 – HOLLYWOOD TRAGEDY Fatal Brush Fire Thirty-five M…

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4 Responses to Obama Trying To Use Tragedy For Political Gain – Yet Again

  1. Blade says:

    If you step back from the minutia of everything the leftists are up to you can see that the methodology is plain and simple – using everything in sight as a weapon against their enemies – modern industrialized society, the Constitution, and America itself.

    Whether it is school lunches, or school shootings, or Climate, or Manson style racial division it is all for the same purpose: to manipulate the sheeple into giving them votes so that they can plow ahead with leftist Neo-Communism with the illusion of legitimacy provided by (D)emocratic government. They intend to use our hard-fought for government against us, and they intend to win without firing a shot. It is in every sense a leftist “revolution”, a coup, and they are counting on us to let them proceed and even calling our bluff every day.

    We have right before our eyes the scoundrels doing something so far fetched that no-one could have predicted it even a generation ago, let alone at the founding of the republic. They are using the weather to seek votes. “You must vote for us to save the children and the planet!”. DingleBarry, Bloomberg and Governor Krispy Kreme are completely out in the open with this ( and with circumventing the Second Amendment as well ).

    IMHO, this is a consequence of the Patriots not eradicating the loyalist enemy at the end of the American Revolution. Yes they killed some, shipped off others, but they left the seeds in place and let them germinate almost immediately after the Constitution went into effect. After the Civil War came and went, it was too late to turn back.

    The point is, if you tolerate crimes against the spirit of the Constitution and the freedom it represents, then you have no resistance to other things like leftists using the weather against us, inciting racial division, regulating everything from tobacco to alcohol to carbon, and taxing everything in sight. We have come full circle back to the beginning and exceeded anything that King George might have tried. For example, (D)emocratic Socialist leftists and their (R)epublicrat enablers now consider an Inheritance death tax perfectly normal and any effort to repeal it as crazy talk. Plain old everyday living taxes approach 50% in total, and that is also considered normal. That’s how far we have come. The path from here to a solution is not pretty at all.

  2. Hugh K says:

    That just doesn’t sound like the self-serving Huggy Bear we have come to know and love thanks to a teen-age crush the old media has for this narcissistic man-child, it’s-all-about me pop-culture icon.
    NO!!!!! It’s all about the individual ‘people’ of this great land that make us great while retaining the key ingredient….humility. And that is where lib’s get lost…..

  3. daveburton says:

    Unfortunately, the Obama administration gutted the USFS’s aerial firefighting capability when they abruptly cancelled Aero Union’s USFS contract in 2011.

    The USFS still has eleven P-2 Neptunes available, and they’re currently shopping for other planes. But Aero Union’s six big four-engine P-3 Orion tankers (plus a 7th that was scheduled to enter service on the day the contract was cancelled) were the core of our aerial firefighting capabilities, and they had excellent safety records. They were the “big boys” — about twice the payload of the two-engine P-2 Neptunes that remain. I think the USFS also has access to a few Canadian CV-580s, but they’re smaller yet.

    I don’t know whether the deaths of those firefighters would have been prevented if we still had the Orions, but losing the Orions drastically reduced the aerial firefighting capability of the USFS, and increased the risks faced by firefighters on the ground.

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