North Pole Temperatures Have Been below Normal Every Day For The Past Three Months

ScreenHunter_550 Jul. 03 13.48

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut


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14 Responses to North Pole Temperatures Have Been below Normal Every Day For The Past Three Months

  1. b13martin says:

    This *extreme* weather in the Arctic is a clear manifestation of the effects of the climate disruption that results from the climate change caused the global warming that results from human CO2 emmissions


  2. squid2112 says:

    Oh no .. you just don’t understand … the Arctic is on fiiiiya .. it is on fiiiiiiya I tells ya … The rowing dipshits will have to make like speedboats to outrun the flames! …ROFLMAO

  3. crosspatch says:

    Last year at this time we were already seeing melt ponds form on the ice:

    This year as of this date, no such ponding:

  4. TomC says:

    Must be all that heat from the arctic being displaced over Death Valley. Or was that the other way around? I guess if you entertain yourself with global warming hysteria it’s both happening at the same time; you know, climate disruption (otherwise known as weather).

  5. Andy DC says:

    When our fearless rowers pee into the McKenzie River and all their superheated piss reaches the Arctic Ocean, it will become ice free overnight!

  6. Joe Freeman says:

    The COI-DMI temperatures from the last few months have shown a fairly close match to those from the same period in 2009. Not surprisingly, the sea ice extent (see is also tracking right along 2009’s line. So it looks like the hysterical predictors of an ice-free arctic will likely have a little frozen problem (6 million sq km or more) to explain after the melt season ends. That should be entertaining.

  7. oftheWoods says:

    So let me get this straight;
    it is very hot in death valley
    it is very cold in the arctic
    it is flooding in a place called high river
    there were powerful tornadoes in tornado alley
    what exactly is the problem?
    Call me when the climate STOPS changing, because that would be a problem.

    My own backyard weather is directly effected by arctic weather, without looking at any of the data, i know it is still cold up north. It is over 30 C in the day, but drops to 10 C at night or lower in my yard. My garden is very late due to late frost all June. I live on the southern edge of the arctic watershed. Summer is very late this year, as it is normally some years.

    Pollution, waste, greed, contamination, and corruption of everything for power. This is our real “climate”, and it HAS changed, and it is human caused.

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