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Obama Unites America

Obama has succeeded in getting Code Pink, the Tea Party, and socialists working together. Restore the Fourth protesters stage rallies against NSA surveillance San Francisco protest to target Senator Dianne Feinstein as part of demands for reform of Patriot Act … Continue reading

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Republican Leadership Teaches Obama A Lesson

President Obama now knows that he can get away with anything, and that Republican leaders lack the integrity or personal strength to keep him from running roughshod over the US.

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Shock News : New Mexico Has Frequent Summer Hailstorms

Even more shocking is that New Mexico has had thousands of hailstorms with large hail. NM Weather Hazards Here is some expert analysis on the subject h/t to sunsettommy

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President Johnson Also Thought He Controlled The Climate

President Lyndon Johnson was best known for being the most liberal member of the Senate, before he created the welfare state and started the Vietnam War. Like Obama, Johnson also thought that he controlled the climate. PRESIDENT BACKS CLIMATE CONTROL … Continue reading

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Extreme Global Weirding In The 1960s

The Dispatch – Google News Archive Search Spokane Daily Chronicle – Google News Archive Search

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Obama Declares July 4 Amnesty

In his ongoing efforts to unite America, emperor Barack Hussein Obama has declared a temporary amnesty for the following groups “Typical white people” “Bitter people who cling to guns and religion” “Flat earthers” “Climate deniers” “Conspiracy theorists” “Tea party terrorists” … Continue reading

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Developing Countries Don’t Want Corrupt Global Warming Money

Rich countries’ proposal to bypass governments on climate aid rejected | Environment | guardian.co.uk

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Fossil Fuel Powered Permanent Drought Strikes New Mexico

2 feet of hail blankets eastern N.M. town Santa Rosa | Amarillo Globe-News h/t to Mike Mangan

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So What Part Is Different?

In high school, we studied the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I didn’t realize at the time that it was the blueprint for America’s political, economic and social future.

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Satanists For Murdering Babies

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