PBS Says That The Discovery Of Global Warming Was More Important Than The Invention Of The Smallpox Vaccine

PBS says that a 0.7C rise in global temperature over the last 150 years is worse than this:

ScreenHunter_55 Jul. 05 15.35

Note that this guy doesn’t have the same smug look as the feminine hygiene product narrator in the video above.

By the mid-18th century smallpox was a major endemic disease everywhere in the world except in Australia and in several small islands. In Europe smallpox was a leading cause of death in the 18th century, killing an estimated 400,000 Europeans each year.[59] Through the century smallpox resulted in the deaths of perhaps 10% of all the infants of Sweden every year,[10] and the death rate of infants in Russia may have been even higher

Smallpox – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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13 Responses to PBS Says That The Discovery Of Global Warming Was More Important Than The Invention Of The Smallpox Vaccine

  1. Rosco says:

    I’m surprised Paul Ehrlich isn’t advocating a return performance – he’d have millions of green acolytes to support him nowadays.

  2. Smug look of superiority. Tick
    Condescending voice. Tick.
    Neatly shaved beard. Tick.
    Wears T-shirt’s everywhere. Tick.
    Hemp underpants. Can’t be sure, but most likely a tick.

  3. Lawrence13 says:

    FFS Steve this people are like the Stepford wives; only the left wing version which is far more likely, and when he went ‘AFRICAAAAAAAAAAA’ I almost smashed my LED screen. Please stop linking this cloying induced myopic spoilt left wing middle class shite !!!!!!!!!!! Before I create more C02 in the production of a new led screen. I can’t believe this idiots how they latch onto this self hate stuff and totally disregard the climate change swings that took place long before humans held a BBQ

  4. DP says:

    Since when are partial observations and sketchy hypothesis a discovery anyway? Its not like they can tell me if a hurricane is going to pass right over my house 3 weeks from now or not. Seems like they are only just starting to understand the planetary climate.

  5. Nuclear Energy?
    Plate Tectonics?
    Polio Vaccine?

  6. gator69 says:

    So typical of the alarmists. Immediately ‘establish’ that the debate is over and move ‘forward’. Forget disproving NV, that is sooooo yesterday.

    I hate metrosexuals.

  7. Panama Jack says:

    What a flaming idiot! He tries to gloss over the fact that none of his facts are actually facts. Countless reports say that in fact the earth IS NOT getting warmer. He even says right out loud that we have to accept his premise so that he can go on to his assertion that he knows what to do about it… that it is even possible for any human activity to influence the atmospheric status of the entire globe. Ignorance is such a sad thing, especially when it gets bandied about by someone who happens to have access to broadcast media. What a shame!

  8. Justa Joe says:

    This PBS twerp is a distillation of everything libtard.

  9. Despiser says:

    These liars are dangerous to us all…

  10. Mac says:

    “So everyone who says during a blizzard “so much for global warming”… shut up. You’re wrong.”

    Really? Okay, then, so every effeminate, lying, global warming manipulator should shut up every time the temperature goes above 90 degrees for more than two days in a row. These people are such sorry, sad, ignorant infants.

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