Unprecedented Arctic Cold Continues

We are almost half way through the Arctic melt season, and there has been essentially no melting north of 80N this year.

ScreenHunter_54 Jul. 05 15.18

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

It is safe to assume that the hockey team and the mainstream media will choose not to mention this fact to the public, because a free press is all about pushing an agenda.

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38 Responses to Unprecedented Arctic Cold Continues

  1. Chewage says:

    Reggie and T.O.O will get the story to BBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Media Matters quite soon:)

  2. Unfortunately the ice isn’t benefiting from those “unprecedented temperatures.

    The holes near the poles are continuing to expand.

    This was the southern Chukchi Sea today on LANCE-MODIS. That ice is going to be gone in the next ten days to two weeks.

    • Ice now melts below the freezing point? ROFLMAO

      If warm winds from the south ever do arrive, they will push all that ice back together and make Reggie cry.

      • I see, are you claiming that the photo is not showing what I am claiming?
        Who am I going to believe, you, or my lying eyes?

        More bad news for the ice north of 80

        If that forecast comes to fruition, the holes north of 80 are going to be even bigger and the Beaufort Sea ice is going to be joing the Chunski Sea in a big meltout.
        Unlike you, I am willing to go on the record and make that claim.
        At the link you posted, please check 2007, you’ll notice

  3. If you go to Steve’s link and check the temperatures for 2007, they too were lower than average for most of the same period. Remember what happened to the ice in 2007?
    If you look closely you’ll notice something else this year’s temperatures north of 80 have in common with 2007.
    Do you see it?

  4. It looks like my eyes were not lying. Here is link to yesterday’s Bremen sea ice concentration map.
    There is a massive area north of 90 that is showing 50 percent concentration and if you enlarge the map you can see areas streaks of blue, which is concentration below ten percent.

  5. Keep mocking Steve, that is all you have left

  6. Check out the latest NSIDC Arctic Sea ice extent


    All that unprecedented cold has caused a steep decline in extent for the last couple weeks.

    • I see, so you think that ice melting in July in Hudson Bay is going to affect the September numbers? ROFLMAO (again.)

      • Why are you afraid to make a prediction for this year’s Arctic Sea ice minimum?

        Maybe you could get Joe Bastardi to help you out.

        • The whole point of the alarmist Arctic minimum game is to get people to focus on ice extent only during the least important week of the year.

          July is important, because the sun is high in the sky and the ice is reflecting light back in to space. September 20 the sun has set and the ice doesn’t affect the SW balance at all.

          I’m not playing your stupid game Reggie.

        • Sunsettommy says:


          Maybe you can explain why we survived several periods during the earlier interglacial time with little or no polar ice cover in the summertime.

          How come no terrible tales of humans cowering in caves and other tales you would drool over during those times.

        • Sunsettommy says:


          Why are you so fixated on the ice cover area that have varied radically in size over the current interglacial period?

    • Chewage says:

      Thankfully its been the best hunting conditions so far this year, for the Polar Bears:)

    • Sundance says:

      I noticed that the chart showing “June 2013 compared to previous years” is showing that June 2013 has the highest ice extent in the last 10 years. But I’ll take note that warming or cooling over 14 days is the new benchmark for unprecedented climate hypochondria.

  7. Chewage says:

    The rowing team needs to watch out for those sly and sneaky bears, as they love to slide out of an ice pocket for their dinner:)


  8. Ken Brodeur says:

    Reggie is a paid stooge

    • majormike1 says:

      Whatever Reggie is paid, he’s overpaid. Arctic sea ice anomalies depend on changing winds, currents, and Pacific and Atlantic oscillation periods. Short-term snapshots that cover limited areas define “worthless”, which defines Reggie’s contributions to science.

  9. Alex says:

    Sea ice is 90% under water. Air temp has little or no effect on sea ice. There are 10 times as many undersea volcanoes as there are on land which explains ocean heating both deep and near surface. Gravitational attraction of the moon which varies considerably is a factor in volcanic activity. Connect the dots.
    It’s just speculation but it makes sense to me.

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