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Inches Of Rain So Far Today At The Arizona Permanent Drought

The rain hasn’t stopped yet, and they have already had multiple inches. Flagstaff Radar | Weather Underground Advertisements

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Shock News : Trayvon Has a Police Record For Theft, Hiding And Acting Suspicious

The judge says that Trayvon’s criminal past of theft, hiding and acting suspicious isn’t relevant to a case where he was hiding and acting suspicious. M-DSPD Cover Up – The Curious Case Of Trayvon Martin’s Backpack With Stolen Jewelry and … Continue reading

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Obama Week In Review

Obama had another banner week this week. Promoted gay marriage to a hostile audience in Africa at $100 million taxpayer expense Hijacked an airplane carrying the president of a foreign country – based on faulty intelligence Delayed implementation of Obamacare … Continue reading

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Arizona Slammed With Heavy Rain Again

Flagstaff Radar | Weather Underground

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Pattern Matching Quiz

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Obama Wants You To Believe In His $16.75 Trillion Debt

  moveleft.org/obamas_promises/www-barackobama-com_issues_fiscal.pdf Bush increased the debt to $8.8 trillion in eight years, and that was bad. So Obama increased it to $16.75 trillion in four years – and that is good. US National Debt

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Hurricanes Tracking 2005 Season

So far this year there have been no hurricanes. This is very frightening, because it has exactly tracked the deadly 2005 season. Weather Street: 2013 Atlantic Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

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