If You Want To Be Safe, Stay Away From Democrats

California is 70% Democratic and mostly gun free, and they had 1,809 murders in 2010

Wyoming is 70% Republican and everyone is armed, and they had 8 murders in 2010

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23 Responses to If You Want To Be Safe, Stay Away From Democrats

  1. Kaboom says:

    That’s 4.76 per 10k inhabitants of California and 1.39 per 10k inhabitants of Wyo, in case anyone was wondering.

    • Fred Harwood says:

      Thanks, Kaboom. Answered my first question.

    • stewart pid says:

      Thanks Mr Kaboom, that is the first thing I thought of and I’m surprised Steven hadn’t included it for completeness since otherwise it is a bit apples to oranges.

      • Nah, I was giving California a break. 95% of Californians live in an area smaller than one county in Wyoming, so their murder density is thousand of times higher.

        • phodges says:

          I was going to say virtually all of those murders occurred in the two megapolis. Most of California is just like Wyoming. I live in a county the size of Delaware with a population of 13000, most of them in one town. Nearly everyone is armed and there is almost no violent crime.

        • Odd that so many guns don’t produce more murders. I was under the impression from watching CNN that guns are bloodthirsty and seek out innocent people to shoot. You must have well trained guns.

        • phodges says:

          What did Nugent say, if guns cause crime mine are defective? And so are all my neighbor’s …;)

  2. Dave G says:

    nice, Steve

  3. kbray in california says:

    The only background check necessary for a firearm should be an IQ test (in English).
    I would extend that to immigration and USA citizenship.

    • No, we can’t have that. Far too many Good Democrats would fail. After all, in Chicago, a Good Democrat can have his residence six feet under and still vote several times in any election. There is no way that kind of Good Democrat could pass an IQ test. Much less one in English.

  4. Sunsettommy says:

    The vast majority of gun related murders occurs in Liberaland large inner cities where they have set up their socialist utopias in.

  5. Dave says:

    And Texas had a murder rate of 4.9 per 100,000 in 2010, CA a rate of 4.8 in 2010.

    • And Texas is on the border with Mexico, so Holder’s Fast and Furious guns come across the border and kill Americans

      • Dave says:

        In 1989, long before Holder and fast and furious. Texas had a murder rate of 11.9 while California was 10.9.

        • And texas was still on the border with mexico in 1989.

        • As you know, in the southwest, counties with the highest crime rates are the Democratic counties. Same applies for Texas.

          Do you remember Reyes Lopez Tijerina shooting up the Rio Arriba County Courthouse?

        • Dave says:

          South Carolina doesn’t border Mexico, but in 2010 its murder rate was 5.7, higher than both Texas and California, and South Carolina is a definite “red state”.

        • Dave says:

          That’s because democratic counties tend to be urban. The true distinction between Wyoming and California is Wyoming is rural. Comparing murder rates in Cheyenne to Los Angeles really offers no new insight.

        • Colorado’s highest murder rate is in San Luis County, which is very rural, borders New Mexico and almost 100% Democrat.

          Same goes for Rio Arriba County in New Mexico.

        • Colorado’s lowest murder rate is in Centennial, which is right in the middle of Denver metro and is 70% Republican

        • gator69 says:

          “South Carolina doesn’t border Mexico, but in 2010 its murder rate was 5.7, higher than both Texas and California, and South Carolina is a definite “red state”.”

          Demographics. Study them.

  6. ralphcramdo says:

    Chicago, the city that bans guns

    11 wounded in South and West side shootings

    12:43 p.m. CDT, July 6, 2013

    A man was critically wounded Friday afternoon in a shooting on the West Side in the city’s Lawndale neighborhood and ten others were shot on the South and West sides from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning.

    Fifty-five people have been shot across the city since Wednesday, 9 fatally.


  7. Gamecock says:

    Hey, Dave, the rate in SC is due to the black population. The majority of homicides by firearm discharge in the U.S. is blacks killing blacks. 13% of the nations population has 55% of them.

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