Obama Wants You To Believe In His $16.75 Trillion Debt

ScreenHunter_82 Jul. 06 13.14 ScreenHunter_81 Jul. 06 13.14


Bush increased the debt to $8.8 trillion in eight years, and that was bad. So Obama increased it to $16.75 trillion in four years – and that is good.

ScreenHunter_83 Jul. 06 13.17

US National Debt

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3 Responses to Obama Wants You To Believe In His $16.75 Trillion Debt

  1. Pathway says:

    What a couple of clowns. Put a big red nose on them and they could get a job in the circus.

  2. phodges says:

    In otherwords: Bush or Obama, it makes no difference which puppet holds office. It is those who create the money being borrowed who pull the strings.
    Nationalize or better yet kill the Fed and return the money power to the people where it legally belongs.

    The erection of the Fed and the income tax were the first serious victories ofworld socialism over the American people.

  3. jeffk says:

    The political branches have bankrupted the future, future generations and college grads, resulting in shrinking middle class. Just so pols could keep trying to buy votes of the growing* underclass and the upper class subsidized to comfort them.

    *not growing fast enough, amnesty is needed now for even more fresh voters.

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