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Missouri Having Their Coldest July On Record

So far this month, temperatures in Missouri have been almost 10C cooler than July, 1934

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Islamic Converts Looking To Quickly Gain Status

RCMP thwarts alleged plot to bomb B.C. Legislature on Canada Day One suspect is a musician with a history of methadone use, who converted to Islam a few years ago. The other is his lover, 10 years his junior. Together, … Continue reading

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Obama “Fundamentally Transforms” America

only 47% of Americans have a full-time job and those who don’t are finding it increasingly out of reach. Only 47% of Adults Have Full-Time Job

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CO2 To Destroy The Planet In One Billion Years

Astrobiologists from Scotland’s St Andrew’s University have predicted a death date for the Earth, which is 4.54 billion-years-old, as 2000002013, making our home a relative 50 in human years. According to leading scientist Jack O’Malley-James, life on Earth will perish … Continue reading

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Large Increase In Arctic Ice This Summer

Green shows areas of ice present in 2013, but not present in 2012. Red shows the opposite. The Beaufort Sea is the big problem for alarmists. In June 2012, wind opened it up early causing lots of solar energy to … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished

President Obama has boasted about his role in the Arab Spring, which seems to mean endless chaos, war and terrorism across the Middle East.

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Arctic Hole Update

Some people commenting here believe that this region near the North Pole consisting of 80-90% concentration ice, and shows no indication of melt, is a giant hole in the Arctic. They also call it a “slushy“

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New York Times Forecasts 15 Feet Of Sea Level Rise This Century

 sea level could rise as much as 15 feet in this century. As Glaciers Melt, Science Seeks Data on Rising Seas – NYTimes.com The danger can be clearly seen at Monterey, California where sea level has been flat for the … Continue reading

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NASA Forgets About The Greenland Ice Sheet

Temperatures peak on the Greenland ice sheet this week, and for some reason NASA forgot to make a press release about how cold it is this summer.

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Can Obama’s Carbon Tax Restore The Safe Climate Of 1871?


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