Texas Having Their Coldest July On Record

Texas July temperatures have been declining since 1895, and so far this month are the coldest on record.

ScreenHunter_79 Jul. 06 10.09

In 2011, Aggie climate expert Andrew Dessler warned that Texas would be hot and dry for the rest of the century.

The weather of the 21st century will be very much like the hot and dry weather of 2011.

He also said that Texas was going to drown this century.

the vulnerability of Texas is more akin to that of the low-lying island states of the Pacific that are going to be inundated by sea-level rise over the coming century.

Texas is vulnerable to warming climate – Houston Chronicle

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8 Responses to Texas Having Their Coldest July On Record

  1. Gamecock says:

    Coldest? 28 C +/- ??? “Coolest” doesn’t even work.

  2. stewart pid says:

    Climate change is worse than the alarmists thought 😉

  3. Andy DC says:

    Neither the Texas nor Missouri charts show the slightest hint of warming. What is an alarmist to do? Either cool the past and warm the present, or find UHI affected stations that fit your hypothesis. Very scientific! (sarc)

  4. F. Guimaraes says:

    Even less than 2008-09. The downward trend is clear, although very oscillating too.
    The Missouri graph is slightly more “steady”,
    probably due to less dryness in comparison with Texas.

  5. jr says:

    it is a 102F here burrrr

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