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1816 Shock News : 18,000 Square Miles Of Ice Broke Away From Greenland

http://books.google.com/ In 2010, our friends got hysterical over a 100 square mile block of ice which calved off the Petermann Glacier.

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2009 Shock News : Multiyear Arctic Ice Is Gone!

Multiyear Arctic ice is effectively gone: expert By David Ljunggren OTTAWA | Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:01pm EDT (Reuters) – The multiyear ice covering the Arctic Ocean has effectively vanished, a startling development that will make it easier to open … Continue reading

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Methane Ignition

I had a fraternity brother at ASU, whose hobby was lighting farts. Reminds me of what Reggie wrote here two weeks ago : June 26, 2013 at 10:55 pm

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We Are From The Government – We Are Here To Protect You

The NYPD is releasing harmless gases into the subway system during the morning rush beginning Tuesday to study how chemical weapons could be dispersed through the air. Researchers will track the movement of harmless tracer gases called perfluorocarbons.  The gases … Continue reading

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Blame Bush!

The vast right wing conspiracy is keeping the rowers from making any progress. The Arctic Joule Races Towards the Beaufort Sea

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Boating In Downtown Toronto

Toronto weather: Toronto hit with record rainfall, resulting in chaos | Posted Toronto | National Post

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Rowers Are Blocked By Ice

This animation shows why the rowers are pretending they are stuck in a storm. Over the weekend, ice blew on shore and blocked their route into the Canadian Archipelago. arctic.io – Arctic Terra – (2013/189) The last thing these people … Continue reading

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We Are Making A Difference

Looks like word is getting out not until last week, when I sat in on a lecture about climate change and wrote about its potential effects, did I discover how fervently opposed some people are to any admission that global … Continue reading

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Researchers Think That People Are Better Off Freezing To Death

China’s policy of providing free coal for winter heating to residents in the north has shaved 5.5 years off life expectancy in the region, a study says. As opposed to letting them freeze to death, and cutting 55 years off … Continue reading

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Stormbound In A Bulls**t Storm

The rowers claim that they are “storm bound” (1) Mainstream Last First Note the sunshine in the cabin, light winds and temperature in the mid to upper 60s. http://wxug.us/164kf In other words, their hands are blistered and 50 miles away … Continue reading

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