August, 1850 Was 1.182 Degrees Below Normal In The Southern Hemisphere

CRUTEM3v – August 1850. Phil Jones had only one thermometer record for the entire southern hemisphere (located in Tasmania) and was able to precisely calculate the hemispheric mean temperature anomaly of -1.182

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12 Responses to August, 1850 Was 1.182 Degrees Below Normal In The Southern Hemisphere

  1. Andy DC says:

    That one little station sure carries a lot of weight.

  2. lance says:

    sounds about right…but we will have to put that through model simulations minus any co2 factor and it should come out bang on…

  3. Chewage says:

    Phil of the crucify republicans union (CRU) always provides the most logical answers, and with a smile to boot.

  4. Jimmy Haigh. says:

    It just proves how brilliant climate “scientists” are…

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Warning- Historical Anecdote follows:

    That first Tasmanian (and Australian) weather station was set up in 1840 at Rossbank near Hobart, by Sir James Clark Ross – the noted Arctic and Antarctic explorer. Ross mapped much of the Antarctic, the Ross Ice shelf is also named after him and perhaps by co-incidence, he was sent on one of the three rescue missions to try and find Sir John Franklin (previously Governor of Tasmania) who was trying to get through the North West Passage in 1845. Franklin had taken the same two ships, HMS Erebus and Terror, that Ross had used to explore the Antarctic. Franklin and the expedition disappeared on July 25th 1845, he died, as did all his men, and the two vessels were lost in the ice.

    I wonder what Sir Jim Ross, with his extensive polar experience, would say about the CAGW PR crew on the “Arctic Joule”. He would probably have had something caustic to say about his Rossbank temperature readings being used as the indicator for the whole southern hemisphere.

    • Chewer says:

      Franklin and crew were quite adventurous and really did travel into the unknown, but the Arctic Joule team, their sponsors and fellow travelers like Reggie are stuck in the age old problem of “Group Thinking”, which tends to end up badly and the followers always lose the most.
      Not that I’d compare them to other man-made devastations, but group thought has produced the worst throughout history, like Hitler’s, Mussolini’s and many more who’ve had the reinforced thinking supporting their utopias, extreme might and infallible visions of grandeur, only to find they were mistaken when reality set in (shit hitting the fan) and bullets hit the bone.
      These group thinking warped ego’s will catch up at some point in time and either they’ll find humility or blame their failures on others…
      At the very dire end, Hitler said Fuck all the German’s, they deserve to be killed by the Allies for their weakness and failure, and I see the AGW cult carrying the same human luggage that many men & women have now and will never been able to shake.
      Man kinds greatest achievements have come through smart thinking individuals working in small groups or alone, not by world-wide consensus.
      The good news is that the Green rowing teams failure will bring great attention to the delusional, fraudulent and totally imagined CAGW issue and the massive amount of tax payer dollars and public grief wasted on it.

  6. George Turner says:

    But when you average all the southern hemisphere temperature records from that period they don’t show any deviation from the Tasmanian record, so the Tasmanian station is statistically representative of temperatures in the planet’s lower half.

    Statistics is so much easier when you don’t have to use any.

  7. Glacierman says:

    Only Big Jim could use one data point and get an anomoly calculated to four significant figures. His skill with math is only rivalled by Mikey Mann.

  8. Tasmania is a cold place and, as any Australian knows, well behind the rest of Australia so this result is unsurprising.

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