Latest From The Arctic Hole

Two weeks ago, alarmists were hysterical about this area of 90+% concentration ice. I believe that they called it a “slushy.”

ScreenHunter_170 Jul. 10 08.37

EOSDIS Worldview (Alpha)

It must be tough having to find something new to get hysterical about every few days.

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6 Responses to Latest From The Arctic Hole

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      I think the purpose of the Obummer Pretendidency, apart from outright sabotage of our economy and National Security, is to fracture America from within…. to create a constitutional and/or financial crisis culminating in civil war.

      The fake BC is bait. The crime is real, but the fake is an outright challenge to bring about civil dissolution.

      THIS is why I think so many conservative pundits have fallen silent on the matter. Extracting the monster is intended to bring more harm than allowing him to destroy our country at will.

      … and let’s not forget who would be Prez if he is removed…… without proving that 2012 was a fraud.

    • gator69 says:

      I’m fairly certain the document the White House provided is indeed a fake, but even that does not prove he is not a citizen. Still, it would be nice to see everyone taking this subject seriously. The fact that we do not, does prove one thing, and that is that racism is still alive and well in Skeeter’s hopey changey world.

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    All that ice . . Such a sad day for Reggie and his Blowtorch.

    He must be devastated.

  2. Brad says:

    Oh but it’s the clouds. The clouds I tell you. CLOUDS! CLOUDS! CLOU…. Oh what’s the use.

  3. Bill says:

    All the warming the last few weeks has caused the ice to get thicker.

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