Understanding Texas Weather

If Texas doesn’t have hurricanes, they have a deficiency of rain, which is a global warming induced drought.

If Texas does have hurricanes and gets plenty of rain, the hurricanes are caused by global warming.

No matter what the weather is in Texas, it is caused by global warming – and is Republicans’ fault.

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7 Responses to Understanding Texas Weather

  1. RickD says:

    I heard Texas is there because of Global Warming, and it’s a mostly Conservative State, thus, Global Warming is the cause. And because Texas is a Republic… well, Global Warming again.

    In fact, without Global Warming, humans wouldn’t even EXIST in that state!

    That’s what I heard…..

  2. Glacierman says:

    When a drought is broken by flooding rains in Texas, that’s really wierd……on a global scale.

    You just have to look at it on hourly or daily timescales to see how really wierd the weather is, just ask KH.

  3. Sundance says:

    Henry Waxman, who had a makeover and looks much better, blames Republicans in congress for all bad weather.

  4. tomwys says:

    Texas is a delightful place to live!

    If variety is the spice of life, then Texas has arguably the most weather variety, and in close order!
    From drying droughts, wild windstorms, rampant rain, swirling snow, horrid heat, and terrible tornadoes, it is never dull and unexciting in the Lone Star State. The expression “Tough as Texas” applies to all who can handle it, and Global Warming does not hold or affect the handle!!!

  5. Jaxon says:

    The part of Texas where I spend my winters averages about 30 inches of rain per year. That’s two years at 5 inches and one year at 80″.

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