Demoralization Phase Is Complete

Interesting reading comments about the Zimmerman trial on different news sites. A large percentage of the population are desperately hoping that the jury rules that it is illegal to defend yourself.

How many years of brainwashing does it take to make half the population completely demented. self hateful, and suicidal?

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21 Responses to Demoralization Phase Is Complete

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    One and a half terms of OBummer

  2. shazaam says:

    You are asking the question from the wrong perspective.

    Ask yourself why a large percentage of the population wants the rest of the population to roll over and play dead when preyed upon?

    (hint: consider the perspective of those living as tax-parasites)

  3. Brad-DXT says:

    I can personally verify that the indoctrination has been going on at least since 1972. When I took the Constitution Test to enter High School one of the questions posed was “Does the 2nd Amendment allow the average citizen the right to own a firearm?” I answered yes and got the answer wrong, according to the teacher. I remember her making a big deal of it so as to pound it into me and fellow students. Insidious propaganda to form the future of society starts with academia.

    • hannuko says:

      Wait. What? What did it give the right to then in her opinion?

      It’s incredible that you have the best constitution in the world but so many americans don’t seem to realise what’s so great about it. Instead they yearn to live in a socialistic statist hell we Europeans have been forced to live under.

      If you too go down the road of organized theft, envy and bitterness, is there any hope for us?

    • phodges says:

      AT least 100 years

    • Brad,

      Actually you did give the wrong answer. The constitution does not grant/allow any rights. It is intended to guide the protection of those rights. More specifically, the second amendment prohibits congress from making a law that violates the PREEXISTING right to own and carry firearms.

      We the People own all of our rights prior to the existence of the constitution and the government established by that constitution. The constitution simply specifies the form of government and the specific powers granted to it by We the People. The government is prohibited from going outside the bounds of the constitution by that self same constitution.

      The current reality is that far too many of We the People have failed to understand this and this have permitted the government to takeover as ruler rather than merely as a regulated and respectful servant. This presumably in the name of increased security.

      We have the ruler but don’t have the promised security. The ruler blames us for that lack and hardens the rules and expands the government in the name of a security it cannot and will not deliver. We the People keep on falling for that century old scam and ask for sill more security from the government. Always with the results not being delivered as promised.

    • The nineteen-sixties was the decade of sea-change in the fabric of America. It was the decade of utopian dreams, as represented by our going to the Moon, and soon-to-be-stunted hopes, as represented by the Vietnam War and the failure of civil rights laws to assuage the racial anger of black Americans.

  4. higley7 says:

    In the UK, it is illegal to carry anything on your person that could be used in self-defense; that includes umbrellas with points. If you do successfully defend yourself from a mugger, they take YOU to trial to determine if you used too much force in defending yourself.

    In your own home in the UK, you are ordered to retreat when your home is invaded. If the invaders are out to hurt you, you are simply screwed, as they WILL find you. Then, if you win against them, you go to trial for winning.

    Why? Because the UK government wants all citizens to be afraid all of the time. With all the guns gone, they are now considering outlawing knives. They have even blocked buying baseball bats online. A disarmed, helpless, scared people will NEVER rebel against their government—at least the government hopes not.

    • hannuko says:

      There was a case here in Finland where a woman was attacked in her home and raped for two hours.

      In then end she was able to get to a knife and stabbed the rapist to a leg, after which he ran away. She was convicted from an armed assault, got few month of jailtime and a criminal record.

    • shazaam says:

      Should that woman face the same attack again, I would hope she will follow the S.S.S. plan. (Stab, shovel, shut-up in Finland) It’s Shoot, shovel and shut-up in the US.

  5. hazze says:

    In Sweden its not right out criminal to defend yourself, but if you shoot someone dead in selfdefence..the court takes his silence during trial as a proof that he was nonagressive. You are strongly adviced to videotape any desperate situation you might get into or do time…kinda the kinky Obamaway here to 🙂

    • Jason Calley says:

      “the court takes his silence during trial as a proof that he was nonagressive. ”

      Forgive me for asking — but is that a joke, or are you serious? I have seen governments do such crazy things that I no longer have a reliable indicator to tell satire from truth.

      • Ben says:

        In Russia, they put you on trial even after your dead.

        The purpose of the law was to give a family a chance to clear the name of their dead. It has to be requested by the family. In Magnitsky’s case, the family member was 9th cousin once removed Vladmir Putin.

        Still, a posthumous trial beats a slow Polonium-210 death.

  6. Jeffk says:

    It’s taken 50 years. Since the fabulous ’60s.

  7. I. Lou Minotti says:

    The brainwashing began in the sixties. I’ll never forget my history teacher, Mr. Crispin, telling us that he was no longer allowed to refer to the Declaration of Independence and/or the Constitution. “Too volatile,” said the Washington Township School Board. That was in early April, 1971. He quit teaching on June 17, 1971.

  8. Chewer says:

    The administration is almost done, but not quite:

  9. Blade says:

    Interesting reading comments about the Zimmerman trial on different news sites. A large percentage of the population are desperately hoping that the jury rules that it is illegal to defend yourself.

    Right! Self-Defense and firearm ownership are what is actually on trial thanks to the State and Local bureaucracy there in Florida. The State must always be supreme, even Hispanics be damned.

    Another thing they don’t like is the concept of suburbs or gated communities policing themselves and avoiding the same fate that befalls the liberal cesspools. Ironically, most of these politicians and all of the celebrities also live in those suburbs and gated communities and could very easily find themselves in the same position that George is.

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