Progressive Alert : What Is At Stake In The Zimmerman Trial

If Zimmerman is acquitted, many difficult things will happen

  1. It will no longer be safe to beat a stranger’s head against the sidewalk
  2.  It will no longer be safe to blame partially white people for everything bad that happens on earth
  3. One gun owner will not be locked up in jail
  4. Parents may have to take responsibility for raising their children
  5. Race baiting will get a little tougher for the White House
  6. Due process will be more difficult to subvert

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7 Responses to Progressive Alert : What Is At Stake In The Zimmerman Trial

  1. Latitude says:


    Kremlin returns to typewriters to avoid computer leaks
    The Kremlin is returning to typewriters in an attempt to avoid damaging leaks from computer hardware, it has been claimed.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Obama was an idiot for getting involved in a local matter with very unclear circumstances. What is a neighborhood watch person supposed to do? Not watch for the neighborhood?

    • According to the progressive ethics:

      Yes. After all, criminals have rights too. They are just trying to make a living doing the only thing they know how to do: take things from those who have them. You have no right keeping them from practicing their profession. So don’t be selfish and keep all your stuff for yourself. Share a little. It is good for you.

      Blank out that sharing is a matter of choice and that the criminals gave you no choice in the matter. How is that different from the government and taxes? It isn’t. You have no choice there either. Except that the government says they have a piece of paper that says they have a right to take what they want. A criminal and the government get to choose. When they do, you lose.

      Check out Germany ca 1937 for instructive details.

      • I. Lou Minotti says:

        They’re all members of the Washington-based Local Union 666 of the International Brotherhood of Left-Wing Movers, Shakers and Takers. The low-level thugs that do the dirty work are in the apprenticeship program.

  3. philjourdan says:

    The irony is he is not at all white by the government definition (which is defective, but is also the most prevalently used in this country). he is half Semitic, 1/4 latino, and 1/4 Black. In some ways, he is the epitome of an American.

    But he had the audacity to use a gun, and defend himself without the help of liberal organizations.

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