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Rowers Route Blocked With Ice

They are 50 miles away from 40% concentration ice. Red circle shows their location. Blue circle shows the ice. EOSDIS Worldview (Alpha) This ice has blown in during the last three days. Compare with July 10 below If the current winds … Continue reading

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Another Cold Day At The Blowtorch

Animation using Javascript Animation Player

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20 Weeks

What your baby looks like — 20 weeks | BabyCenter

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It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault

Trayvon’s parents failed to raise him properly, causing him to degenerate from this : to this – in just three years : While suspended from school, he made the incredibly stupid decision to attack the neighborhood watch man. This got … Continue reading

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Understanding Profiling

According to our progressive friends, Zimmerman profiled this child before he killed him Apparently the neighborhood had a rash of burglaries by cute little 12 year old kids with skittles prior to that fateful night, and Zimmerman profiled him on … Continue reading

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No Doubt Eric Holder Is All Over This Terrorist Threat

Standing outside the courthouse threatening to kill the defendant, and no fear of consequences. That is what progressives call “justice.” h/t to Latitude

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Justice For Trayvon

Creepy ass cracka chases down cute 12 year old Obamason lookalike who went to the store for candy, profiles him and kills him in cold blood – while he screams for help. Thus summary provided by the world class professionals … Continue reading

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