Another Cold Day At The Blowtorch

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18 Responses to Another Cold Day At The Blowtorch

  1. Dave says:

    Unprecedented heat and drought to plague NM in the coming days.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Tasmania is 5 degrees above normal. For GiSS that would mean the entire Southern Hemisphere is 5 degrees above normal. Bloody freezing down here.

  3. Steve, the blowtorch prediction came true two weeks ago and it did indeed melt out a lot of ice.

  4. Richard Lynch says:

    Reggie, if you want to change anyone’s mind, you should stop calling people names and stick to the facts you raise.

    • None of the posters are going ever going to change their minds, they are too far into their “faith based science”
      Aren’t you the guy who doesn’t believe in plate tectonics? If I tried to argue that issue with facts, it would be a waste of time because your mind is already made up.
      There is no “real science” here, and at genuine science blogs, this place is considered a joke.

      • Andy Oz says:

        So Reggie, why do you waste your valuable time posting on Steven’s blog? Maybe you’d be better received posting on a pay per view site. Mainstream? You are a pod full of laughs though. The blowtorch {copyright} is now firmly ensconced in CAGW folklore, like the hockey shtick and the million degrees centre of the earth.

      • Richard Lynch says:

        No, I am not the guy who doesn’t believe in plate tectonics.

        And it seems like you are a person whose mind is already made up.

  5. Chewer says:


    You should have volunteered to assist Team Twisted on their journey, as you could have offered great insight and also offered entertainment during all the down time:)

  6. Betapug says:

    Rowers have entered an alternate universe. Latest post has their little rowboat morphing into “a behomoth”. The have also arrived in Tuk at 10pm Friday, moored south of the town when the tracking tag 22 has them well offshore in the Beaufort well north of the town at the same time. Must be time warping.

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