Understanding Profiling

According to our progressive friends, Zimmerman profiled this child before he killed him

ScreenHunter_69 Jul. 13 14.25

Apparently the neighborhood had a rash of burglaries by cute little 12 year old kids with skittles prior to that fateful night, and Zimmerman profiled him on that basis.


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2 Responses to Understanding Profiling

  1. higley7 says:

    Profiling includes any criteria used for selecting individuals. So, a hooded figure is passing between resident buildings, slowly and loitering, on a rainy night when a normal person would be scurrying home. That constitutes suspicious behavior and any responsible adult should take note.

    He was also quite aware of those around him as he reported over the phone that a cracker was eyeballing him, oh my! So, instead of continuing home, he circles around and jumps the cracker. SO, who was profiling who? Why was he upset that another person could see him from a distance?

  2. gator69 says:

    “Profiling” is what has kept the human race alive all these years. It is simply assessing danger based upon appearances. Ask Israeli airline pilots how effective it is.

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