LA Times Says That Everyone In America Is Upset About Zimmerman Verdict

George Zimmerman’s acquittal: Nation reacts to not-guilty verdict –

They couldn’t find a single person in the country who thought it was the right verdict.

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21 Responses to LA Times Says That Everyone In America Is Upset About Zimmerman Verdict

  1. Latitude says:

    This is credulous….
    If the races were opposite…we would never hear of it
    We wouldn’t even know that the shooter was black

  2. shazaam says:

    At least the jury wasn’t fooled.

    The prosecution really shot a hole in their foot with the last-minute introduction of a charge of man-slaughter. The judge showed her bias by allowing it. The prosecution positively showed the jury that they knew the state hadn’t made their case by asking for the man-slaughter charge at the last minute. Thankfully the jury didn’t take the bait.

    The jury did the correct thing and voted to acquit. Even better, they delivered a verdict before the protesters were ready with their riot preparations.

  3. Gamecock says:

    “this city and the nation tried to come to grips with the aftermath of a trial that exposed strained race relations and raised questions about the use of guns.”

    The legacy press tried to use the case as a wedge to create strained relations between races, and always questions the use of guns. The legacy press demanded a trial, and they got it. As the prosecutor presented evidence, it was clear that it was a political trial.

    With Zimmerman’s acquittal, the legacy press is trying to squeeze the last bit of strife out of it. They want riots.

  4. slimething says:

    How do I contact the LA Times to tell them I’m open for an interview being the only person that agrees with the verdict……

  5. I’m more upset that 7-11 was able to sell a 16-oz sugary drink to that child.

  6. Smokey says:

    It’s only racist if a conservative says it. Otherwise: A-OK.

  7. Traitor In Chief says:

    You can find hundreds of cold blooded murders across the USA since this shooting occurred …committed by kids that look just like the son Obama never had. Of those caught, we won’t even hear about the trial.

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      I hope Zimmerman sues NBC for 100M

    • gofer says:

      There’s been several hundred murders in Chicago, since the Zimmerman incident. 94% of black homicides are committed by other blacks, yet they paint a picture of whites stalking them. Ice Cube made the statement, “now he’s free to kill another black child.” Just how absurd is that statement and shows nothing but prejudice and hatred.

  8. Traitor In Chief says:

    Looks like the New Black Panthers are calling it “War”

  9. Had Zimmerman been convicted a strange situation would have arisen whereby it would still have been legal to carry a licensed concealed weapon, but illegal to ever actually use it.

    • The problem in this case is that he used it against someone who used to be a small child. It will still be legal to defend yourself against someone who never was a child at any point in their life.

    • timg56 says:

      There was never really a possibility of conviction. As mentioned, this was a case of politics driving the decision to prosecute. I can’t believe the prosector’s office ever really thought they could win. They certainly didn’t help matters with the witnesses they called. In the end their only point was that Zimmerman “profiled” Martin. So what. While it may not be politically correct these days, as far as I know there are no statutes on the books saying it is illegal to “profile”.

      What is interesting to me – though not really surprising – is how so many otherwise intelligent people are drawing all sorts of conclusions from this verdict, yet missing the key conclusion – that based on the evidence provided, there was more than enough cause for reasonably concluding Zimmerman was assaulted and could have feared for his life. Whether or not his actions leading up to that point were unwise or even reckless is not enough to show he had malice towards Martin. With no witnesses to what occured, other than Zimmerman, we have no idea how the confrontation escalated. In another state there might be cause for a civil suit, however from what I heard about Florida’s Stand Your Ground statute, it contains protections against such action. Should the Department of Justice decide to pursue the case on civil rights infringement charges, I would argue they have far more pressing issues to concentrate their resources on.

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