If Obama Had Three Sons, Would They Look Like This?

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On Monday, police in Cincinnati arrested a group of teenagers who reportedly terrorized folks in the downtown area, in a series of violent assaults

All of the beatings and robberies took place between June 1 to July 4.

Cortez Baker, 16, Randolph Jones, 16, and Kentrelle Aldridge, 16, have all been charged with several counts of robbery and assault, and more charges are likely to be filed.

Police say the teens essentially hunted their victims. One says the suspects were passengers on his bus when they targeted him. “They didn’t ask me for anything.”

Media blackout: Mob “hunted” white victims in Cincinnati – Norfolk Crime | Examiner.com

h/t to Dave G


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9 Responses to If Obama Had Three Sons, Would They Look Like This?

  1. stewart pid says:

    The middle boy looks most like Obama.

  2. shazaam says:

    It’s not what they would look like that’s at issue.

    If Oh-bomb-ya had 3 sons, would they act like this? Is a better question…

  3. Pathway says:

    This is the result of the entitlement culture that is black america. They are entitled to your money, your property and your life.

    • shazaam says:

      Yeah. Last time I discussed the “reparations for slavery” issue with an advocate, they didn’t like my position.

      Simply stated, “I feel that any living former slave is entitled to some compensation for the unjust laws contributing to their having been considered property”. First a smile, then a frown as comprehension progresses.

      After he thought about it, I was asked “What about their descendents?”.

      My reply: “They grew-up as free men and woman.”

      Never earns me any points, yet it illustrates the nature of the claims for “reparations”. And yet, the race-hustlers keep raising the issue. And the crowds eat it up as everyone wants “free money”.

  4. ralphcramdo says:

    Will Obama go after them as he did Zimmerman, or are these three just children going to the store to buy some Skittles?

  5. Traitor In Chief says:

    They would need bigger ears to look like Obugger.

  6. gator69 says:

    Were those racists profiling them? If so they had it coming. (Need I sarc this?)

  7. gofer says:

    “All three alleged assailants live in a group home operated by Kelly Youth Services and had been given an outside pass for ‘good behavior,’ the night Laumann was so brutally assaulted.”

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