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Google News #2 Story : 90 Degrees In New York!

The temperature hit 90 degrees in Central Park Sunday, the first potential day of the heat wave. Bridgeport, Islip, Newark and LaGuardia also all had temperature readings in the 90s, and heat advisories have been issued for most of the … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President After a long absence, you have brought mob rule back to the US. One of your first acts as president was to encourage anger against AIG employees. Then you moved on to Republicans, gun owners, Tea Party … Continue reading

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Progressive-ism : It’s All About Frightening The Children

The only reason this child would be in danger of being shot would be if he lives in an area dominated by black gangs, like Obama’s Chicago neighborhood.

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NAACP Calls For Mob Rule And Lynching

The NAACP was created to protect blacks from mob rule and lynching, but they haven’t have anything useful to do for about 40 years – and are now calling for mob rule and lynching.

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Unprecedented Arctic Cold In The Forecast

This summer has been the coldest on record in the Arctic, and temperatures are forecast to get much colder towards the end of the month. 10-Day Temperature Outlook This is becoming a huge problem for alarmists, because the large mass … Continue reading

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Ice Is Barreling At Them Like A Freight Train

If they have an ounce of brains, they will get out of there immediately.

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The Big Question For The Rowers

As I pointed out last week, the question isn’t if they will exit the Northwest Passage – as there is no chance of that happening unless they are hitched to an ice breaker. The real question is – will they … Continue reading

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Where’s Waldo?

Waldo lost his energy drink in the Arctic and is looking for a way to get his boat through. Can you find him?

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