New Secret Service Guidelines

The Secret Service has been profiling innocent people for far to long, and this is wrong.

Obama has decided to replace the Secret Service with “gun free zone” signs.

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3 Responses to New Secret Service Guidelines

  1. miked1947 says:

    That would most likely lead to an improvement and a reduction in murders. The outcome would most likely be no Skeeter or his Vice “Double Barrel”.

  2. zip adee says:

    a.k.a., Obama’s S.S.

  3. shazaam says:

    That movie “The Purge” with it’s premise that 1 day a year any crimes committed were to be ignored and no emergency services available had a massively flawed plot. Hollywood had envious neighbors staging a siege against the more prosperous neighbors. Pure Hollywood/DC politics of envy.

    What I think would actually happen in such a (fictional) scenario is that government employees (aka Tax Parasites) would be massively purged. DMV clerks, prosecutors, judges, crooked cops, etc. The movie had an interesting premise and they blew it by ignoring reality. i.e. the tax-serfs would take any opportunity to secure some real justice from those who think themselves to be their masters (bureaucrats). Sovereign immunity == totalitarian abuse.

    Anyway, gun free zones are essentially disarmed victim zones/free fire zones. Has to be one of the top ten bonehead programs of all time. Oh-Bomb-Ya may be the worlds most prolific liar, yet he isn’t quite stupid enough to go anywhere without the S.S.

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