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Feels Like -150F

Vostok, Antarctica Weather Forecast from Weather Underground

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Your Role As A USSA Peasant

Obama’s father didn’t love him, so your job is to pay attention to Obama 24×7 – in order to compensate. The primary purpose of America is to make Barack Obama feel better about himself.

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New Secret Service Guidelines

The Secret Service has been profiling innocent people for far to long, and this is wrong. Obama has decided to replace the Secret Service with “gun free zone” signs.

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New Stranger Danger Guidelines Released

We have been teaching our children to profile, and this is wrong. In order to protect the civil rights of strangers, children are now being instructed to happily submit to rape, murder and kidnapping. It reduces their CO2 footprint.

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Wyoming Announces New Bear Hunting Regulations

Progressives tell us that Zimmerman hunted down Martin and killed him in cold blood. In honor of his memory, Wyoming is introducing new bear hunting regulations requiring that all hunters lie down on the ground underneath the Griz, and allow … Continue reading

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Important Announcement From The DOJ

We are disappointed by the limited scale of violence since the Zimmerman verdict, and will keep investigating Zimmerman over and over again until we get some full scale riots going. In accordance with the Obama full scale assault on the … Continue reading

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Shock News : No Fires In Texas, Arizona, New Mexico or Colorado

Obama says that forest fires are proof of global warming, during one of the quietest fire years on record. Middle of July, and there are no large fires burning in the southwest. National Interagency Fire Center

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