Rowers Blame Global Warming For Cold Weather And Excess Ice

Three weeks ago they announced that they were going to row the Northwest Passage – because global warming made it possible.  Now they say that the trip isn’t possible because it is too cold and there is too much ice, and that global warming is making it too warm there.

Strange weather has defined the year we are told. It’s been colder than usual and the ice has been very slow in going out. Climate change critics may quickly point this out as a damning argument but the reality of climate change is not reflected in specific anomaly but rather in overall trend.

Yes. All the ice melted except that there is more than normal.

The locals in Tuktoyaktuk describe an Arctic that is in profound change. We are told the summer is longer on both ends by at least two weeks. “They shot a grizzly bear at the north end of Banks Island,” explained Billy, a local elder “They saw a wolverine too”.

The elders say that it is really cold, and that it is getting really warm.

We receive a stern warning from our weather router stating unequivocally: “Unwise to move ahead, you are ready for your route but your route is not ready for you.” We immediately tuck into the lee of a sandy spit and access our options.

Our arrival in Tuk to our departure is less than 24 hours

In other words, their route is blocked with ice.


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27 Responses to Rowers Blame Global Warming For Cold Weather And Excess Ice

  1. Eric Barnes says:

    Time for a new captain, Captain Domaas (I beleive that’s pronounced dumbass).

  2. Jimmy Haigh. says:

    Crow on the menu.

  3. Chewer says:

    The team remains delusional and I’m sure their sponsors are proud:)

  4. Billy NZ says:

    Is it correct that this is called the CROW project?Our temps in NZ are 0c and below in the mornings,with highs around 12c where I live.Take a look at the damage from snow in the South Island,with many animal deaths.Can a warmist please explain to me how a degree or two would harm NZ.From here,I wonder why any responsible person would attempt this stupid act.Maybe next year the crew can be mikey,homer Hansen,phil,and the missing heat Trenberth.Of coarse,if they make it,it will be global warming.If they don’t,it will be weather.

  5. Chewer says:

    A good ass kicking is just what the doctor ordered & it’s quite splendid that they’re taking his prescription:)

  6. Streetcred says:

    What have they been doing all of this time ? … rotating on one another’s thumbs ?

  7. QV says:

    These people appear to be totally delusional.
    They have twisted reality so much that they don’t know themselves what is true or false any more.

    “The temperature in Tuk is -1C and there’s a strong Northeasterly wind blowing in the morning. Locals tell us it should be 15-20C at this time of year. “The bugs should be bouncing off your head” explained Eilleen who came down to the beach to visit with us.”

    They say it’s getting warmer but when it is cold they blame it on “climate change”.
    They are going to need some serious deprogramming to get them back to reality.

  8. Andy Oz says:

    The rowing team will probably have a few days downtime provided they get the boat on the shore side of the sand bar. That sea ice might even push over the bar. Best not to take on Mother Arctic when she’s in the mood and she looks like she is.

  9. Otter says:

    Did we lose reggie again? I wanna know how he explains this!

  10. Jim Mccullley says:

    I understand with sunspot activity down. Next year they are planning a trip to the sun. At night of course.

  11. Tel says:

    Ironically, global warming played no small part in undermining the entire expedition. We believed that the greater melting of summer ice would open up large areas of sea and allow us to paddle north at good speed. What we did not fully appreciate was that to the north of us there was a widespread melting of sea ice off the coast of Alaska and the New Siberian Islands and the ice was being pushed south towards us … The evidence of climate change was stark. Fourteen months before I’d sailed north and I’d seen a preponderance of multi-year ice about three metres thick north of Spitsbergen, but this time most of the ice was just a metre thick.

    As quoted on Wikipedia, Lewis Gordon Pugh explaining his coincidentally similar failure, with a rather similar excuse, sometime in 2008.

  12. Edmonton Al says:

    Take a look at Google Earth or their own route map. Thay have gone from Inuvik to Tuk in 15 days.
    That is the easiest part. Look what is remaining. It looks as if the Canadian Coast Guard SAR [Search and Rescue] are going to be called. As mentioned above, they are already making excuses, and blaming the below zero weather, wind, and ice shifting on AGW.

  13. climatism says:

    Great movie to be made about these intrepid eco-‘Worriers’. Though the plot would be perhaps skating on thin or thick ice:
    Four eco-worriers, in a “Pulling together against Climate Change” effort (as their King Canute motto describes) to row unhindered through the human-ravaged, ice-free NW passage, only to be bunkered down the entire arctic summer, in the brown silt of the McKenzie river delta, shielded from record Arctic ice and angry sponsors bearing down on the ‘Arctic Joule’ and it’s frozen eco-Worriers ;p

  14. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    “The words of an elder cuts through the rhetoric of climate skeptics like a scalpel through skin. They know because the live it.”

    When all else fails, dredge up a quote from some faux uber wise aboriginal elder and use it to cover your ass and shore up your failing moral.

    Probably nice guys, just utterly clueless about science.

  15. pinroot says:

    “the reality of climate change is not reflected in specific anomaly but rather in overall trend.”

    Someone needs to tell all the nutters who like to point to every weather event as proof of AGW.

  16. Sean Peake says:

    The supply ship leaves Pond Inlet on Aug 22. If they want to get their rowboat out, they better move

  17. Les Johnson says:

    Sean: The NSSI boat leaves Aug 22, the NEAS supply boat leaves Sept 1. Both companies say depending on weather and ice.

    The average date for freeze up to start in the arctic (ice minimum) is Sept 9. One Standard Devaition is 7.02 days.

    They will need to average over 2 km/hour, 24/7, and have a freeze up in mid September, to reach Pon Inlet before freeze up.

  18. Jimmy Haigh says:

    I see that they have managed the princely total of 85 signatures so far…

  19. Richard Lynch says:

    How did the Grizzly and the Wolverine get to Banks island? For a species to be seen on an island, it would seem that the species has always been on the island. Unless they were headed north across the ice in search of a warmer climate.

  20. Robert of Ottawa says:

    What’s that? The summer is longer at both ends but thicker in the middle. Queue Monty Python

  21. Tom D says:

    As Adam from Mythbuster would say, “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.

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